Abel Benson
Abel Benson
Character Information
School Grange Hill
Year Group Year 7 (2003)
Year 8 (2004)
Year 9 (2005)
Year 10 (2005)
Year 11 (2007)
Lower 6th (2008)
Occupation Student
Age 11-12 (Series 26)
12-13 (Series 27)
13-14 (Series 28)
14-15 (Series 29)
15-16 (Series 30)
16-17 (Series 31)
Gender Male
Friends Togger Johnson
Andy Turner
Jeremy Bishop
Tanya Young
Emma Bolton
Annie Wainwright
Family Derrick Benson (Father)
Theo Benson (Brother)
Production Information
First Episode Series 26 (Episode 1)
Last Episode Series 31 (Episode 20)
Series Series 26 (2003)
Series 27 (2004)
Series 28 (2005)
Series 29 (2005)
Series 30 (2007)
Series 31 (2008)
Number of Episodes 76
Played By Lucas Lindo

Abel Benson was a student at Grange Hill from 2003 to 2008, played by Lucas Lindo. Abel is the older brother of Theo Benson. Abel's best friends are Togger Johnson and Andy Turner and his friends are Tanya Young, Emma Bolton, Jeremy Bishop and Annie Wainwright. He got on with Baz Wainwright and Donnie Briscoe.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 26 (2003)Edit

Series 27 (2004)Edit

Series 28 (2005)Edit

Series 29 (2005)Edit

Series 30 (2007)Edit

Series 31 (2008)Edit

Abel brings his brother, Theo, to Grange Hill for his first day with Theo's confident friend, Laxo.

Skateboards are banned at Grange Hill by Mr McDonnell, however, a skateboard superhero is born, dubbed as Boarderman. Abel tells his brother and his friends that people reckon they know who boarderman is and he reveals that they think it is XS.

XS says that he isn't confirming if he is or isn't boarderman and Abel reckons that XS could have started the rumour himself. Abel, Jenny Young and Jake Briggs rally round XS for him to do another stunt. However, the identity of boarderman is revealed and he happens to be Abel's brother.

On the last day of term, Abel, Togger and Tanya reminisce about their days at Grange Hill. Togger is on the verge of quitting school, but Tanya tells Abel there is one person he will listen to-his uncle, Tucker Jenkins.



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