I'm Angela Selby. You don't know me, but actually, I'm related to you.
—Angela to Calley when they see each other for the first time
Angela Selby
Angela Selby
Character Information
Gender Female
Children Calley Donnington (Biological Daughter)
Production Information
First Episode Series 8 (Episode 7)
Last Episode Series 8 (Episode 9)
Series Series 8 (1985)
Number of Episodes 2
Played By Jean Heard

Angela Selby is the biological mother of Calley Donnington, played by Jean Heard. She made her first appearance in episode 7 of series 8 and made her last appearance in episode 9 of series 8.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 8 (1985)Edit

Episode 7Edit

Calley overhears her parents talk about Angela and her adoption. The next morning, Calley tells her parents she knows she is adopted and Calley wants to know why she wasn't told and about her birth mother. After school, Angela waits for Calley and Vince Savage points out who she is. Angela stops Calley and introduces herself, telling her they're related. Calley agrees to go with Angela to a cafe and talk.

Episode 9Edit

Zammo McGuire, Mandy Firth and Sarah Wilks see Angela and her boyfriend trying to put Calley in a car, and thinking she's being kidnapped, they intervene and Sarah and Mandy take Calley back to school.

Episode 19Edit

Calley talks about what she is going to do for Christmas dinner with Ronnie Birtles and Ronnie suggests having dinner at home with her parents and going to Angela's for tea. At the Christmas fair, Mrs Donnington tells Calley she has invited Angela for Christmas dinner.


Series 8 (1985)

  • Series 8 (Episode 7)
  • Series 8 (Episode 9)


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