For the way I went about it, yes, but I still stand by the right to have have my opinion.
—Anika to Mrs Bassinger before she leaves for France on an exchange
Anika Modi
Anika Modi
Character Information
School Grange Hill
Year Group Year 7 (1999)
Year 8 (2000)
Year 9 (2001)
Year 10 (2002)
Year 11 (2003)
Lower 6th (2004)
Occupation Student
Parents Mrs Modi (Mother)
Mr Modi (Father)
Siblings Amit Modi (Brother)
Relatives 4 Unnamed Cousins
Friends Amy Davenport
Amelia Nkebe
Spencer Hargreaves
Calvin Braithwaite
Darren Clarke
Leah Stewart
Max Abassi
Kathy McIlroy
Martin Miller
Production Information
First Episode Series 22 (Episode 1)
Last Episode Series 27 (Episode 10)
Series Series 22 (1999)
Series 23 (2000)
Series 24 (2001)
Series 25 (2002)
Series 26 (2003)
Series 27 (2004)
Number of Episodes 85
Played By Jalpa Patel

Anika Modi is a student at Grange Hill from 1999 to 2004, played by Jalpa Patel. She made her first appearance in episode 1 of series 22 and made her final appearance in episode 10 of series 27.

Anika is the daughter of Mrs Modi and Mr Modi and the older sister of Amit Modi. Anika's best friend is Amy Davenport and her friends are Spencer Hargreaves, Calvin Braithwaite, Darren Clarke, Leah Stewart. Max Abassi, Kathy McIlroy and Martin Miller.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 22 (1999)Edit

Series 23 (2000)Edit

Series 24 (2001)Edit

Series 25 (2002)Edit

Series 26 (2003)Edit

Series 27 (2004)Edit



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