Annie Wainwright
Annie Wainwright (Series 28)
Character Information
School Grange Hill School
Year Group Year 7 (2003)
Year 8 (2004)
Year 9 (2005)
Occupation Student
Age 11-12 (Series 26)
12-13 (Series 27)
13-14 (Series 28)
Gender Female
Parents Owen Wainwright (Father)
Mrs Wainwright (Mother)
Steve (Step-Father)
Simon Harper (Foster Father)
Elaine Harper (Foster Mother)
Siblings Baz Wainwright (Brother)
Unnamed Half-Brother
Relatives Kate (Aunt)
Tom (Uncle)
Best Friends Tanya Young
Emma Bolton
Friends Togger Johnson
Abel Benson
Andy Turner
Jeremy Bishop
Maddie Gilks
Production Information
First Episode Series 26 (Episode 1)
Last Episode Series 28 (Episode 20)
Series Series 26 (2003)
Series 27 (2004)
Series 28 (2005)
Number of Episodes 53
Played By Lauren Bunney

Annie Wainwright is a student at Grange Hill School from 2003 to 2005, played by Lauren Bunney. She made her first appearance in episode 1 of series 26 and made her last appearance in episode 20 of series 28.

Annie is the daughter of Owen Wainwright and Mrs Wainwright and the younger sister of Baz Wainwright. Annie's best friends are Tanya Young and Emma Bolton and her friends are Togger Johnson, Abel Benson, Jeremy Bishop, Andy Turner, Kat Simpson, Karen Young, Maddie Gilks and Taylor Mitchell.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 26 (2003)Edit

On her first day, Annie and Baz are chased out of the house by their dad and he chucks a glass bottle on the front path. As Baz is about to go after him, Annie stops him and tells him they are going to be late. On their way to the bus stop, Baz is busy on his mobile and Annie asks him if he has to do it there and then. Baz tells Annie that he can show her around and Annie asks if he knows who her teacher is, where her form room is and who the kids in her class are. Whilst trying to get hold of his girlfriend, Maddie Gilks, Annie jokingly suggests that she's dumped him and Baz says he can go home. Annie gets Baz to promise that he won't go home as he will just make things worse and Baz agrees as he knows the longer he leaves it, the better things will be. Annie then asks if they can get a move on as everyone else will be there and Annie then notices the bus go past. Annie arrives late to registration and she apologizes to Miss Dyson for being late. Miss Dyson asks Annie why she's so late and Annie frantically explains how the alarm clock didn't go off and then she missed the bus, but Miss Dyson reassures her that everyone is allowed a little confusion on their first day. Whilst the class are filling in some forms on their parents contact details, Emma Bolton and Jeremy Bishop discuss their parents jobs. Emma asks Annie what is wrong and she then asks Annie about her parents, but Annie doesn't answer. At break, Emma tells Annie how the 6th formers find out your birthday and flush your head down the toilet. Emma says that her birthday isn't until the summer and Annie says hers is the following month. Emma gets out some pens out of her bag, offering Annie some as she has loads, but Annie says she has some. Emma changes the conversation on how the school is meant to have a ghost and when Emma asks Annie if her mum bought her things for coming to Grange Hill, Annie leaves.

At school one morning, Maddie questions Annie where Baz is and Annie tells her that he's running a bit late. Maddie says that they arranged to meet at the shops as she was meant to walk in with her and Annie says that she'd better get to registration. As Annie walks into school, Maddie asks Annie if Baz asked her to say that he was late and Annie just carries on walking. After registration, Miss Dyson lets Annie know to make her way to Mr Robson's office before PE. Annie arrives at Mr Robson's office, where Baz is too, and Mr Robson says that he wants to make sure they are both looking forward to the new term as it's an exciting time for the school. Mr Robson also adds that he hopes that Baz and Annie will be eager to attend school, but Baz points out that it's only Annie's second day. Mr Robson brings up Annie's attendance at primary school, which was highly erratic and he hopes that she won't take after Baz. Mr Robson tells Annie and Baz that he wants them to pull their socks up as they have the ability, but they are missing too much school. Mr Robson wonders if either of them can tell him why it might be, but he is aware they have had problems at home, but Baz insists it's fine. Annie and Baz agree with Mr Robson to put the last year behind them and make a new start the term ahead. At the end of school, Annie interrupts a conversation between Baz and Maddie and she asks Baz why Mr Robson keeps going on about home. Baz tells her not to worry about it, but Annie wonders what what would happen if they try and get in touch with him, but Baz says they'll have to keep their heads down. Annie points out that Baz can't even make it in on time for his first day and they are bound to notice sooner or later.

Annie is chucked out of the house by her dad and when her dad shouts for Baz, Baz jumps out of the top window and he injures his leg. Neither Annie or Baz get into school on time for registration and on their way to school, Baz takes another rest as he knew he shouldn't have walked so far on it and Annie says that jumping out of the window didn't help. Annie and Baz agree that what makes their dad like the way he is isn't getting any better and Baz suggests to Annie that she gets into school as they'll only have Mr Robson on their backs whilst he goes down to the health centre, using a football injury as a cover. Annie arrives at school at break and she asks Emma and Tanya Young if Miss Dyson noticed if she wasn't in registration and Emma informs her she did notice. Emma warns Annie that Miss Dyson will kill her as she is in a really bad mood as she had a go at Tanya for wearing make up. Emma points out to Annie that she's always late and Annie responds by moodily saying so. In Art, Year 7 are doing masks and when Miss Dyson questions when people may have a reason to where them, Annie responds with the answer Halloween. Miss Dyson announces to Year 7 that later in the year, they will be hoping to take a trip to a museum to sketch some masks and when Emma and Annie ask questions, she says they will discuss the details nearer the time. She asks Year 7 to pick a partner and Annie pairs up with Tanya. At lunch, Tanya says that her dad works in a supermarket warehouse and Tanya asks Annie what her dad does and Annie tells her that he's a taxi driver. When Emma comes along, Annie and Tanya are excited for the Art trip, knowing they have to get the backseat before the boys and that they don't have to wear uniform. Emma then tells Annie that a lady in the office is looking for her as there was a phone call for her, which sounded important. Annie is waiting outside the office along with Tanya, who was sent by Miss Dyson for having lipstick and Maddie asks Annie where Baz is, but Annie doesn't know. Annie phones up Baz, telling him that if he's trying to contact her, then she's outside the secretary's office when Miss Dyson comes along. She asks Annie what she is doing and Annie explains how Emma said there was a message for her, but no one seems to know what is going on. Whilst Miss Dyson goes to check what's going on, Annie and Tanya discuss Mr Walker and Annie says that Baz had a run in with him last year and he sounds horrible. Miss Dyson returns to Annie and she had a thourough check, but there was no messages and Emma must have been mistaken. In the girls toilets, Annie confronts Emma and she demands to know who said there was a message for her, but Emma doesn't know the name and when Annie insists she describes her and when Emma does, Annie says that narrows it down as there was no message. When Emma says it's a relief, Annie disagrees as she thought something terrible had happened and she was really worried. Before class, Tanya asks Annie if she is OK or if she wants to talk about anything before giving Annie some eyeliner Emma gave her. When Matthew "Mooey" Humphries, has a go at Tanya for injuring his brother's, Max Humphries, leg, and pushes Emma, Annie grabs hold of Mooey by the ear and drags him out of the classroom. After school, Emma thanks Annie for what she did and Tanya asks Annie to give her number, but Annie says that her brother is on the net most evening and no one can get through. Tanya then suggests to give her mobile number and Annie uses the eyeliner to write it on Tanya's hand. After school, Annie notices Baz's foot in a cast, which means Baz will be off school for a week and when Baz looks through his phone, Annie says that Maddie thinks she is a plank and she is his problem.

Annie arrives late to school and she apologizes to Mr Malachy for being late, but she's been to the dentist and her dad wrote a note for Miss Dyson. Annie has been away for a week and Tanya sarcastically asks if she's been at the dentist for a week and if she has any teeth left. After class, Emma question Annie to why she told Mr Malachy that she had been to the dentist and Annie insists it's the truth. Emma points out that she's been away for a week and Annie lies to her and Tanya that Baz was in hospital because he hurt his ankle after slipping and falling down the stairs. Emma asks Annie why she was off and Annie says that Baz had to keep the weight of his ankle, so she had to stay home and help her dad. Emma wonders about her mum and Annie says that she doesn't live with them anymore. Tanya asks if she sees her, but Annie doesn't as she lives with a new man and she and Baz decided to stay with their dad. Later, Maddie confronts Annie, asking if Baz has bothered to turn up and Tanya tells Maddie to leave her alone. Annie asks Maddie why she is asking her and Annie lies that he is ill. Maddie demands to know whether he was too ill to pick up a phone, but Annie informs him he is back the following week and she will be able to ask him herself. Maddie holds Annie against the wall and suggests that she should go round to hers, but Annie says he isn't in. Maddie asks Annie where Baz is if he is ill, but not at home and jumps to the conclusion he's seeing another girl and she instructs Annie to get Baz to call her and if he doesn't, she can guess who she will come looking for before pushing Annie into a locker. Before the school photohgraph, Tanya and Annie go to the toilets so Tanya can wear makeup for the photo.

Year 7 have their lockers checked for some missing clothes from the Drama department. A blouse is found by Annie's locker by Mrs Bassinger. Annie says it is her locker, but the blouse isn't and Mrs Bassinger understand it isn't hers, but she wants to know why Annie took it. Annie denies taking it, but Mrs Bassinger just wants the truth so it will be the  end of it and she asks her how it ended up beside her locker. Annie angrily says that she doesn't know and Mrs Bassinger warns Annie that unless she starts to co-operate, the she'll have no option but to take things further with the first step being no cookery lessons, then phoning her parents and then Annie lies by admitting that she did take it when in fact Togger Johnson, Abel Benson and Andy Turner were responsible. The rest of the class are sent to cookery and Miss Dyson tells Annie that Mrs Bassinger is waiting for an explanation and Annie says that it was a dare and just a laugh. Mrs Bassinger explains to Annie that stealing isn't a laughing matter and maybe calling her father isn't a bad idea, but Annie is angry as Mrs Bassinger said that she wouldn't call her dad if she owned up and she can't go back on her word as it's not fair. Annie is sent to Mrs Bassinger's office to cool down before she can explain. Baz notices Annie outside Mrs Bassinger's office and he asks her what she is doing there and Annie explains how a shirt was found outside her locker, so Mrs Bassinger thought she took it. Baz asks if she did take it, but Annie says she didn't, so Baz asks why she has to see Mrs Bassinger and Annie admits that she was frightened that if she didn't admit it, then she might call home. Baz reckons that because she admitted it, Mrs Bassinger will probably ring home and Annie asks if their dad will be at home, but Baz doesn't think so. Annie panicks what she should do and Baz advises her to say things like it won't happen again. In Mrs Bassinger's office, Mrs Bassinger brings up that she is aware that Mr Robson saw her and Baz at the beginning of term, but there is no improvement in attendance and Annie says that her dad was ill, so she had to stay home and look after him. As Mrs Bassinger says it isn't her job, Annie explains there is no one else at home other than Baz, so they took it in turns to stay off and look after him, but her dad is OK and everything is fine. Mrs Bassinger then turns the conversation onto the costume and she asks Annie if someone put her up to it, forced her to do it or if she's being bullied, but Annie hasn't and when Mrs Bassinger suggests getting her parents involved, Annie insists it was just a dare and she forgot to put it back, When Mrs Bassinger suggest to Annie that she apologizes to Miss Dyson's Year 9 class, Annie agrees and she reassures Annie that if she has problems at home or school, she can always talk to her. When Annie asks if she can leave, Mrs Bassinger wants Annie to promise to get her dad to phone her or she will call him and to come and see her if she has any problem. 

Annie arrives late to registration and apologizes to Miss Dyson. Annie asks Tanya and Emma what she has missed and Emma tells her nothing, but Tanya informs Annie of the latest rumour  in school, which is that Mr Malachy is having an affair with a 6th former. Annie asks how she knows that and Tanya says it was on the website. At break, when Emma brings up the blouse, Annie says she thought she'd take it for a laugh. Emma says she doesn't get it, so Annie admits that she didn't take it and she just said she did as she knew they wouldn't believe her if she told the truth. Annie asks Emma why it is bugging her so much, but Emma says she doesn't understand why she lied and Annie has a laugh with Tanya that she lied to a teacher. Later, Annie along with Tanya and Emma catch Togger, Abel and Andy in the IT room looking at footage of the out of bounds tank room as they initially suspected a ghost being in there, but it isn't a ghost. Later on the monitor, Annie and the others catch something on the monitor and they had up to the tank room and they notice someone climbing up some ladders, so they go after him. Outside, they think they have lost him and Togger suggests the boys toilets as he would hide in there. Togger opens the boys toilets door and the thing in the tank room was a kid.

Annie bursts into registration late and says sorry to Miss Dyson for being late. Miss Dyson says that she is getting to the stage where she would be surprised if she wasn't late and she notices Annie's mobile, reminding her that she knows the rules. At lunch, Annie calls Baz, leaving him a message to ring her and let her know where he is. Later during lunch, Miss Dyson catches Annie on her mobile and Annie apologizes, but she was just turning it off and Miss Dyson points out that it shouldn't have been turned off in the first place. In Art, Miss Dyson spots Annie on her mobile again and she asks Annie to stand up before asking her how many times she has told her about her mobile. Miss Dyson confiscates Annie's mobile and that she can have it back at the end of the day, but Annie says that she doesn't understand as she needs it. Miss Dyson tells Annie that they had enough of the same sort of behaviour the previous week and unless she wants to see Mrs Bassinger, she should take her seat. Annie knocks her work off the table and Miss Dyson tells the class not to pay her any attention if she is sulking and Annie angrily shouts that she isn't sulking, so Mrs Dyson instructs her to stand in the corridor. Tanya later asks Annie if she is OK and Annie says that Miss Dyson is sending a letter home and that she hates her, but Emma says that Miss Dyson isn't bad and that she was in the wrong. Annie asks Emma who asked her and she tells her to get lost when Emma says she is moody. Later, Maddie notices an upset Annie as she comes out of the toilet, so Maddie wonders what is up and Annie explains that Miss Dyson took her phone and she can't get hold of Baz. Maddie tells Annie that Baz is in school as he came with her at lunch and Annie enquires to know if Baz said anything about their dad. Maddie tells Annie that she wishes they would tell her what's going on, but Annie can't and Maddie reassures her that everyone has problems with their parents before offering to speak with Miss Dyson to get her phone back, but Annie says that will make things worse. Maddie tells Annie that she will get Baz to find her after school and Annie thanks her. Maddie calls Annie over from her basketball game and she gives Annie her mobile and Annie wonders who she got it and Maddie says she has her ways. When Baz arrives, she asks him where he has been as she has been trying to text him all day, but Baz says that he would call if there was any news. 

At home before school, Baz and Annie take a letter from the postman and Annie says it's for their dad. Baz opens it, which turns out to be a letter from Mrs Bassinger asking to see their dad and Annie asks what they are going to do, but Baz says nothing and throws it in the bin. An upset Maddie tells Karen Young about Baz and that she saw him with a roll of money a couple of weeks ago and he has weird moodswings and Karen thinks Maddie means he is into drugs. Karen advises her step sister Tanya to stay away from Annie as she has heard things about Baz and that he's into drugs. In registration, Annie arrives just on time for registration, but Miss Dyson says that she has a note for Annie to see Mrs Bassinger and Annie asks Tanya and Emma to look after her bag. Emma believes that it's for a drugs test, but Tanya says they don't know that and Emma thinks it would explain a lot of things, such as the mobile phone and that they can't go to her house because it's full of drugs. Emma tells Tanya that her sister wouldn't make stuff like that up, but Tanya thinks Karen has just got it wrong as she knows Annie and Karen has no proof. When Togger asks to talk to Tanya about Tranter, Emma takes Tanya's make up bag out of her bag and puts it in Annie's. In Mrs Bassinger's office, Mrs Bassinger asks Annie if she can remember what they talked about the previous term and that she wanted to speak to her father, but Baz says that he's been busy. Mrs Bassinger knows, but it's very important as she wanted to discuss a few matters as there has been no improvement in either hers or Baz's attendance records and she's sent several letters home asking their dad to come and see her, but there has been no reply. Baz says that their dad drives a taxi and Mrs Bassinger questions whether that means he is not home at all, but Annie says no. Mrs Bassinger brings up their mum and she knows that she isn't around and she wants to help, but she can't until she understands the whole picture. Baz insists everything is fine, but Mrs Bassinger knows that something isn't as they both have the potential to do well, but their attendance is alarming and maybe soon taken out of the school's hands. Mrs Bassinger adds that she's had reports of disruptive behaviour and she also mentions to Annie that she had to see her about taking a blouse, but Annie says she said she was sorry. Mrs Bassinger says that the school cannot tolerate their behaviour and their dad needs to know what is happening before asking them to think about what she has said and she lets them go. Annie asks what will happen if Mrs Bassinger does get hold of their dad and Baz says they will be in for it. Annie then asks what they will do, but Baz says nothing as their dad hasn't returned her calls and Annie wonders if Mrs Bassinger will want to see them again, but Baz says they will have to keep their heads down and try not to be late, so she will realize there is no point and forget it. At break, Tanya asks Annie if she is alright and Emma wonders what it was all about, but Annie says she is OK and that Mrs Bassinger was worried that she wasn't getting on in school. Annie then asks what they are doing and Emma says that Tanya has got Karen's diary and Karen has said that she fancies Baz, which is overheard by Maddie. After talking with Mrs Bassinger about her meeting with Annie and Baz, Mr Robson decides to visit the Wainwright's. At lunch, Togger tells Annie, Tanya and Emma that Tranter is ill and when Annie looks in her bag for something to give Tranter to eat, Tanya notices her make up bag and Annie doesn't know how it got in there. Annie wonders how it could of got there and she asks Emma if she believes that she didn't take it, but Emma says she is saying nothing. Annie asks why would she take it and Emma brings up the blouse, asking her why she would take that, but Annie reminds her that she didn't and Emma asks why she said she did and from now on from her understanding, it makes her a thief or a liar. Annie insists she's neither, but Emma says she could be both and Annie looses her cool with Emma, telling her it shows what she knows and it's what she wants to believe and every time she gets in trouble, she looks smug as if she is enjoying it. Annie tells Emma that she wouldn't be surprised if she put the blouse by her locker and asks what it is with her before and Annie demands to know why she gloats when things go wrong. Emma suggests she is paranoid and Annie storms out of the dining hall, chucking her tray on the floor. Miss Dyson has a word with Annie about her outburst in the canteen and Annie apologizes for it. Miss Dyson then asks what is going on with her and Emma, but Annie says nothing as Emma is her friend. Miss Dyson says she doesn't know what happened in the canteen, but won't tolerate that kind of behaviour and she has her eye on her before sending her to get her lunch. In Art, Annie asks Emma if she told Miss Dyson that she was bullying her, but Emma tells her not to be silly before telling Tanya that she didn't take her make up bag. After school, Maddie decides to take back Baz, but they are interrupted by an upset Annie and Baz comforts her. On their way home, Annie thinks she is such a baby and she says sorry to Baz, but Baz is sorry that she had such a rubbish day and things will be forgotten in a couple of days. Annie and Baz arrive home to find Mr Robson outside and Baz tells Annie to leave it to him. Mr Robson explains to Annie and Baz that he's come to see their dad, but he doesn't appear to be in and Baz says he is working. Mr Robson notices that their dad's taxi is there, but Annie tells him that their dad doesn't always drive his taxi and he sometimes drives a minibus taking children from special schools home. Mr Robson asks if they mind if he comes inside and wait for him as he does need to speak to him, but Annie says the house is a mess and Baz doesn't let him come in as it's their time and their house and he has no right before telling him to leave them alone.

At home, Annie asks Baz what they are going to do and Baz gives her some money to put back in a drawer and then go to school as they might keep Mrs Bassinger off their backs. Annie notices Baz's hands and she asks what he has done to them and Baz says it was footbal, but Annie thought Baz didn't play football. Annie then wonders if their dad did it to him, but Baz shouts at her, asking what he just said and he instructs her to leave it. At school, Annie asks Baz why he didn't say hello to Maddie and she wonders what they will do if they see Mr Robson and Baz tells her they will do nothing as he shouldn't have come round the house. Annie wants to know if they will get in trouble, but Baz says they should do what Mrs Bassinger said and keep their head down and everything will be fine. Annie brings up the fact that Mrs Bassinger already thinks she is a bully and a thief and Annie says that Tanya won't listen to her with Emma around. Annie tells Baz that she hates that she can't tell people, but Baz insists they can't, so she should get over it. In Art, Annie says hi to Tanya and again tells her that she didn't take her make up bag, which is the truth. Emma tells Annie that she owned up when she took the blouse, so she asks why not now and Annie asks why doesn't she tell her. Emma jumps to the theory that Annie wanted to sell it to give the money to Baz and Annie asks what for. Miss Dyson approaches Annie, mentioning that Mr Robson tried to call in on her dad and Annie says he was working. Mr Wainwright passes the school at break and he calls Annie over. Annie asks him where he was the previous night as she and Baz were worried and her dad tells her he was doing a night shift in the minibus. Annie informs him that a man called round earlier asking for money and he was really angry as he kept him waiting for weeks. She also mentions that there are stacks of bills that need paying. Baz comes over and remarks on his dad's appearance before telling him to go home. Later, an upset Annie suggest to Baz that they should tell someone, but Baz says they can't and Annie says that he didn't look that bad, a bit tired but alright. Baz points out to Annie it's not about how he looks and he asks her if she knows what would happen if anyone finds about them and warns her they could be split up and they are alright as they are. Baz then wonders if she's talked to her friends, but Annie hasn't and she says she hates Grange Hill. Annie asks Baz if he has got football that night as she just wants to go after school. At home after school, Annie wonders if there is somewhere else Baz should be as he's checked his watch 3 times. Mr Wainwright barges into the living room and he angrily asks Baz about bawling someone out onto the streets and Baz says it was nothing. Annie tries to distract her dad by mentioning that she's started making tea and it'll be ready in a bit. Mr Wainwright angrily confronts Baz by telling him that next door told him and thought she would have to get the police out and Baz says that he knows what their neighbour is like. Mr Wainwright demands to know who it was and Annie admits that it was Mr Robson and Mr Wainwright wants to know what he was doing round. As Mr Wainwright and Baz are about to escalate into a physical fight, Annie pleads with him to stop and tries to pull him off, but Annie ends up getting hit and falls. Mr Wainwright rushes over to Annie, but Baz orders him to get away from Annie and to leave her alone. Whilst Baz comforts Annie, Mr Wainwright storms out and shouts to them that they disgust him and sometimes, he wishes they'd never been born. When Baz is making the tea, Annie asks Baz if he is alright and Baz is adamant that it will be the last time their dad touches them as he has had enough. Baz takes their dad's medication and crushes up some tablets as he feels someone has to make him take them and Annie says that their dad said he was sorry. As Baz puts the crushed tablets in their dad's food, Annie thinks they really shouldn't be doing it and Baz says that it's the only way and their dad is OK when he is on his tablets. Mr Wainwright apologizes to Baz and Annie and Annie is pleased when her dad eats the food. 

At home, Baz phones up the school, pretending to be his dad, to say that he and Annie will be off school with the flu. Baz tells Annie it should keep them off their backs until her eye gets better. Annie asks where their dad is and Baz says that he heard him go out earlier and Annie asks how he thinks their dad is and whether he thinks the pills are working, but Baz thinks it's too early to say. Later, Baz signs some letters and Annie is unsure about it as he could get sent to prison for forgery, but Baz needs to sort it or the bills aren't going to get paid. Annie wonders what they will do when the money runs out and Baz says they don't need to think about that right now. Annie still believes that they shouldn't be doing it and should tell someone as they need help, but Baz is adamant they don't as they are doing fine. When Annie is about to say something, Baz stops her as if they do tell someone, they'll just get people like Mrs Bassinger and Mr Robson snooping around and sticking their noses in. Baz asks Annie if that's what she wants and Annie doesn't want that. Baz then says he is going to post the bills and get some food in and he instructs Annie to close the curtains and not to answer the phone or door and to text him if she needs him. Annie warns him to be careful. When Baz returns home, Annie runs down the stairs and she asks Baz where he has been as he has been gone ages and she thought something terrible happened. Annie says they can't go on like this as it's getting too much for just them, but Baz reassures her they'll be fine and to stick to the story.

Baz calls up the stairs to Annie, telling her she needs to go to school and Annie demands to know why she has to go to school when Mrs Bassinger had a go at them both for being off. Baz tells her that as far as Mrs Bassinger is concerned, she can be saved and Annie says they are going to want to know why she wasn't in and Emma is going to whine on at her and Baz reminds her to stick to the story, which is they had the flu and they phoned in. At school, Annie says hi to Tanya and Emma asks her what was wrong with her this time, sarcastically suggesting the plague and she then asks what happened to her eye. Annie tells Tanya again that she didn't steal her make up bag and asks why she would as she said she could borrow it. When Emma asks how it got in her bag, Annie says she doesn't know and asks Emma to tell her. In History, with Tanya following the school rules literally, Mrs Bassinger gives a book to Emma for her and Tanya to share, but Tanya says she can't as it's against a school rule, which is students respecting the property of others. Annie sticks up for Tanya and tells Mrs Bassinger that Tanya is right because it would be stealing a book by sharing and asks who would steal something they know they could share. When the subject changes onto Mrs Bassinger saying they should think for themselves, Annie mentions that Miss Dyson said that's why they have rules so they don't have to think for themselves and Tanya adds that Miss Dyson also compared Grange Hill to a dictatorship, so Annie asks Mrs Bassinger why they have rules if they are going to ignore them. When Mrs Bassinger gives her answer and asks the class to turn to a page, she goes to Annie and says that she hasn't heard anything from her dad regarding the letters she sent and she asks Annie to remind her dad to call her. Annie says that he's been working a lot, but Mrs Bassinger still wants to talk to him. At break, Tanya goes up to Annie and thanks her for sticking up for her in front of Mrs Bassinger and Annie tells her that it's no problem, but she better be careful. Tanya says that's just the start before asking Annie if she heard about Tranter being taken into the care and Annie says she saw the posters and wonders if it was Tanya, which it was along with the boys. Annie questions where Tranter is now and Tanya says that he is in hospital and social services are trying to find him a home. Emma comes over and asks Annie who she was on the phone to and Annie says it was Baz, but she can't get hold of him and she's going to try again. In the playground when the fire alarm goes off, accidentally caused by Mr Scott falling off his step ladder, Tanya asks Annie if she got hold of Baz and Tanya wonders if anything's up and Annie says nothing is wrong. Tanya mentions that Karen talks about her brother a lot and that he's got a bit of a reputation, but Annie tells her not to believe everything she hears. Tanya then asks Annie where he is and if he's got the flu or something and Annie says it's something like that. Tanya tells Annie that her make up bag could have fallen into her bag and Annie agrees with Emma that someone could've put it there, but maybe Tanya should ask her who. When Annie returns home, she tells Baz that Mrs Bassinger cornered her and wants to speak to their dad and when Baz reveals his bruised face caused by their dad, Annie is shocked and she asks Baz what happened and if he did it to him before giving Baz a hug.

Annie stays off school with Baz and Annie is reading a book and she tells him she's reading it for English. Baz tells her that he read it, but he doubts he ever read it and Baz makes sure Annie doesn't want to go into school and Annie insists she isn't leaving him on his own as it's not safe. Later, Annie asks Baz how their dad is feeling and Baz assures her they won't hear a peep out of him all day. Annie questions whether he is going to take his pills now and Baz says he better as he doesn't want to go through it all again. Annie also wonders whether he will remember, but Baz says he never does and will take one look at him and have a go at him getting into a fight and Annie reminds Baz that he doesn't mean it. Baz tells Annie he keeps telling himself that, but sometimes he gets angry however he knows he only does it because he feels sick. Annie wonders if he hates them, but Baz assures her he doesn't and Annie asks why he hits him. Baz tells Annie that she knows why, but Annie points out that was ages ago and wants to know why he isn't getting better, but Baz insists he will. Baz later crushes some more pills and Annie asks how long they are going to have to do it for and Baz explains they have to do it until he realises he won't get any better without taking them himself. When Annie asks if he is angry with him, someone knocks at the door and Baz instructs Annie to stay in the kitchen until he says so. Baz opens the door and Maddie comes in and before she can explain, she notices his bruises. Maddie tries to get to the bottom of why he and Annie are never in school and where he got the bruises from and when Maddie asks if his dad did it, Baz gets angry and chucks Maddie out. Later, Baz is signing his dad's prescriptions and Annie asks what he is going to do about Maddie and whether he still likes her and Baz believes there is nothing he can do about Maddie as she'd run a mile and he does like her. When Baz explains how he couldn't believe it when she asked him out as he fancied her since Year 7, Annie wonders why he doesn't go after her. Annie then brings up their dad's pills when Baz is signing the prescriptions and she asks how much longer he will need the pills, but Baz is unsure and Annie wonders whether their dad still misses their mum and Baz blames her for putting their dad in the mess he is in as if she didn't leave, he'd still be alright. Baz reassures Annie that they are better off without her and when Annie wonders if he thinks about her, but Baz says all she thought about was herself and they don't need her as they have each other. Annie knows that, but she wonders if he does sometimes about what it use to be like before mum left and dad got ill, but Baz tells her to forget about her as she did nothing for them and once their dad is back on the pills, everything will be alright. 

At school, Annie comments to Baz on how that their dad was at his best since their mum left and Baz thinks it was worth the risk putting the pills in his food. When Baz leaves Annie, she picks up her belongings she dropped and with Togger, Abel and Andy playing against Emma, Tanya and Annie to keep the pants, she notices Andy giving the pants to Togger. Emma jokes about Annie being in school and Tanya asks where she has been and Annie asks what she is on about as she is at schoool now. Emma points out that she means the past couple of days and Annie tells them that she wasn't feeling well and that she thought her and Tanya were OK now and if they can drop the make up bag incident. Annie insists that she doesn't know how it got there and it could've fell and Tanya asks about all the secrets and why she is never in school. Annie says that it's been hard since her mum left and Emma says that her dad left her and her mum, but Annie says her dad has been working hard to pay off the bills. Emma asks Annie what's changed and if her mum is back, but Annie says no and explains that her dad has decided to take time off work to stick around more and take off the pressure. Tanya wonders if it means she does all the cooking, Annie says Baz helps and Tanya guesses that's why Annie is better than them in Food Technology. Annie says she's not and realises she has forgotten her cooking ingredients, but Tanya reassures her as her mum always remembers 2 lots of ingredients and she agrees to sort her out with some ingredients. When sorting out the ingredients, Tanya tells Annie she could've spoke to her as it would explain a lot, but Annie doesn't think so and she tells Tanya for the last time that she didn't steal anything. Tanya says she believes her and Annie thinks Emma doesn't and she doesn't want to either. When Emmma comes along, Tanya tells her they've agreed to wipe the slate clean and will need the girl power to get into Andy's form and get the underpants. Annie informs Tanya that Andy hasn't got them, but Togger has as she saw Andy put them in Togger's bag. In Food Technology, Emma gets the pants out of Togger's bag and she then gives them Tanya. Jeremy comes over to Emma, telling her that they have to pair up and Tanya apologises as she is with Annie. Tanya is amazed how Emma got the pants back and Annie brings up that she could have taken something else before from someone's bag. Annie and Tanya are amused when Togger makes a mess of his apples for his pie and Tanya asks Annie if she is thinking what she's thinking, but Annie says they haven't got enough fruit to make another and Tanya says she wasn't thinking of fruit, but something more savoury and Annie wonders what she is on about. Tanya gets the pants and they put the pastry on top. Annie catches up with Baz, wondering how it went and Baz tells her that he thinks it's going to be OK, referring to Maddie, and Annie enquires to what he means by think as he either took his pills or he didn't. Baz apologises as he didn't get home at lunchtime as something else came up and Annie complains, but Baz reminds her that he promised and he will take them and not to worry as he will check.

At school, Annie says to Baz that Maddie will come round, but Baz reckons he's really blown it this time, but Annie points out she did take the necklace. Baz tells Annie that it doesn't mean she wants to get back together and Annie reminds him there are other girls, but Baz is adamant he doesn't want other girls but he wonders who. Annie explains that there is Karen as she wrote about him in her diary, but then realises that her and Maddie are mates and that she might not go out with him incase Maddie gets a face on. In Food Technology, Mr Robson is covering and Tanya comes up with a plan to get the pants back. Tanya explains to Annie and Emma that 2 of them should cause a diversion whilst the other one sneaks into the storeroom and gets the pants. Emma doesn't see the point as they are just pants, but Tanya reminds them how much they mean to the boys and if they get hold of them first, the boys will be gutted. Annie volunteers to get the pants and Tanya wonders if she is sure and Annie explains how she is the smallest and he won't notice her. Annie sneaks under her desk and Togger and Abel are worried that Annie will make it, so when Annie is near the door, Togger shouts over to her saying that her shoe lace is done. Mr Robson asks Annie what she is doing away from her desk and Togger takes the blame, saying he asked her to get her something and Mr Robson sends the girls back to work. Later, the boys boast about getting the pants back to the girls and when Togger tells the girls to admit they are green with envy, Annie jokes that he means like he was with the crab apples. As the girls leave, Annie says they will get them back. Emma lets Annie know that it won't work acting tough around Tanya as she knows she is trouble and Annie mentions that she wonders who gave Tanya that idea. Emma asks what she means and Annie brings up Tanya's make up bag and how she didn't take it, so if she didn't, someone else did. Emma changes the subject by asking Annie how her Baz's ankle is and Annie is confused and Emma mentions that his face was in a bit of a mess and Annie already said about that. Tanya joins Annie and Emma, asking them what's up and Emma says she was asking Annie about her family and Tanya queries whether everything is OK. Annie wonders why shouldn't it be. After school, Baz tries to persuade Maddie to come back to his the following day to talk and after overhearing, Annie thinks that he and Maddie are going to have a good time whilst she is stuck in the middle of nowhere with her mates and dad, but Baz tells her that their dad is back on his pills and everything will be fine.

At home on the day of the trip, Mr Wainwright makes Annie some cheese and pickle sandwiches and Baz asks if she is all set. Annie tells Baz that she thinks it's too soon, but Baz reminds her that he is back on his medication and their dad wouldn't have gone on a trip if he didn't want to. Annie gets on the coach at school and apologises to Miss Dyson for being late. When they arrive at the Art museum, Annie asks Miss Dyson if she can get off with her dad and Emma notices it, telling Tanya it's as if she is on a leash. Later, Annie's phone goes off and Miss Dyson warns her that mobiles are not permitted on school trips, but Annie tells her it's her brother. Mr Wainwright intervenes and tells Annie to do as she is told. Miss Dyson thanks Mr Wainwright before asking him if she can have a chat with him later about Annie as she has missed a lot of school lately and her time keeping isn't what it should be. When Miss Dyson leaves, Mr Wainwright angrily says that she better not be playing up, but Annie insists she hasn't done anything wrong. Mr Wainwright tells Annie that Baz has been causing him enough problems, but Annie defends Baz, saying he isn't like that. When the class leave, Tanya asks Annie if she is OK and Annie says yes. On the coach, Annie tries ringing Baz and Mr Wainwright takes Annie's mobile off her. When Andy feels sick, the coach stops near a beach and Annie asks her dad if he has taken his pills, but Mr Wainwright thinks he doesn't need them, but Annie thinks he does need them and she asks him if he remembers the time Baz had bruises and if he knows how he got them. Mr Wainwright says that he's thought about walking out to sea and not looking back and Annie tells him that she's tried to ring Baz, but he's not at home. Miss Dyson interrupts them and tells Mr Wainwright that they should get the kids home and later, Mr Wainwright thinks he should have left Annie and Baz with their mum. Annie says they don't want to live with their mum and they want to live with him. Tanya and Emma notice them and Emma thinks they should tell someone in case Mr Wainwright threatens her, but Tanya tells her to stop it and Annie knows where they are if she needs them.

Annie is slightly late for class and tries to sneak in, but Miss Dyson catches her and Annie apologises for being late. Later, Emma tells Togger and Abel that she reckons that Annie's dad beats her up as Annie has loads of bruises, she gets moody and she has no friends, but Tanya says she is Annie's friend. Annie overhears and storms over to Emma, pinning her against a locker and demands she takes it back, but Emma refuses and Annie slaps her and they fight with Tanya trying to break them up. Miss Dyson intervenes and she orders them to go with her. In the drama studio, Emma lies to Miss Dyson that she hasn't got a problem with Annie and says that Annie keeps on picking her, but Annie denies that and says that Emma was staying stuff about her family. Miss Dyson asks what Emma is saying and Annie says she makes stuff up, but Emma lies that she just wants to be friends and that she was worried about Annie as she is always late. Miss Dyson reminds them that after the following day, they don't have to see each other for 6 weeks and she asks them to apologise to each other, but Annie refuses as she feels like Emma doesn't deserve it. Emma makes out that she can't put up with more of Annie's bullying and Annie storms off when Emma starts crying. An upset Annie rushes to the toilets and bumps into Maddie, who asks her what is wrong, but Annie insists it's nothing and Tanya asks if she is OK, but Annie says she doesn't care. Maddie asks what has happened and she tells Tanya to leave the toilets whilst she and Annie talk. Maddie asks what is going on and that she just wants to help, but Annie says she can't help. Annie finally admits to Maddie that her dad is ill with bipolar disorder and Maddie asks what it is. Annie explains that some days her dad is really happy some days, but on others, he is really sad. Maddie wonders if that's why he fights with Baz and Annie tells Maddie she can't tell Baz she told her. After a while, Maddie asks Annie if she is alright to go back to her classroom, but Annie doesn't want to as she can't face Emma and Maddie wonders what Emma has done to upset her. Annie tells Maddie that Emma was spreading stuff about her dad across the whole class and Maddie then asks if it's true, but Annie firmly insists that her dad would never lay a finger on her or Baz. Annie then feels that she shouldn't have told Maddie, but Maddie is glad she did. Later, Baz catches up with Annie and Annie asks if he has spoken with Maddie as Maddie told her about them and Annie admits that she told her something. Baz asks what is going on and Annie says she was upset as she had a fight with Emma. Annie explains how Maddie looked after her in the toilets and that she asked how their dad was and Annie pleads with Baz not to be angry with her and Baz promises her he isn't. Maddie goes to Mr Wainwright's and he is initially alright, but things change when Maddie mentions his pills and when Baz arrives, her orders Maddie to leave. When Annie arrives home, Baz and Mr Wainwright are shouting indoors whilst Maddie is outside. Annie asks what is going on and Maddie tells Annie that she has phoned the police. Annie demands to know why she did that for and she rummages inside her bag for her keys. Annie calls through the letterbox to her dad and Baz to let her in as the police arrive. The police bust the door in and Baz is lying at the bottom of the stairs motionless and Annie blames herself and she tells Maddie that she should have never of told her.

At the hospital, Annie watches as Baz lies in the hospital bed. Annie asks her dad what the doctors said and why Baz is still unconcious and Mr Wainwright explains how Baz has hurt is head badly. When Annie asks why he won't wake up, Mr Wainwright tells her that Baz is sedated to allow the swelling in his brain to go down. Annie wonders if Baz will come out of it and Mr Wainwright reassures her that most people come out of it in the first couple of days. Later, Mr Wainwright blames himself for Baz and feels he should have been out of Annie and Baz's lives years ago, but Annie says it's his health that's doing it, not him. Mr Wainwright believes he is not fit to look after them and Annie asks him not to say that as they want to help him get better. Mr Wainwright tells Annie he isn't going to get better, but it is controlled by the pills, which he hates and Annie promises her dad that she and Baz are going to help him get through it. Maddie arrives at the hospital wanting to know how Baz is and she asks if she can see him, but Mr Wainwright says only family can go into see Baz. Maddie wonders if Baz can hear them and Annie tells her that her dad said he might be able to and they should talk to him. Annie tells Maddie that when Baz wakes up, he might not be able to do stuff and he may have to learn how to walk again and whatever happens, it will take ages. Annie tells Maddie that her dad is upset about what happened and Maddie believes he should be, but Annie says that he didn't do it on purpose and reminds Maddie that he is unwell and the reason she forgive her dad is because he is her dad. Annie blames Maddie, telling her that none of it would have happened if she hadn't phoned the police or told her dad she knew he wasn't well. Maddie says it wasn't her fault, but Annie disagrees. Later, Annie talks to Baz, telling him that they didn't have to cope on their own and they could have got help, but it's too late and she tells Baz to wake up. When Mr Wainwright suggests to Annie that she gets some sleep, Annie claims she is OK and Mr Wainwright brings up that her mum wants to see her as she is worried, but Annie doesn't want to. Mr Wainwright adds that her mum wants Annie to stay with her for a while, but Annie says no and Mr Wainwright believes it would be best if she did stay with her mum.

Series 27 (2004)Edit

Pupils at Grange Hill are discussing what happened to Baz and are talking about her. Annie is upset with Baz when he calls their social worker, Adele Baxter, after their dad locks himself in their bathroom with his pills, believing he'd taken them. They stay with Maddie Gilkes temporarily.

Annie was far from pleased when her mother arrived to take care of her and Baz. When Annie and Baz's mum said she was taking them to live with her, Annie and Baz called Adele Baxter and she and Baz were placed under a temporary care order whilst their dad got better and remained with foster parents, Elaine and Simon Harper.

Annie was excited when she learnt her dad was coming home from hospital and made him a welcome home banner, but then Annie was devestated when Baz told her they couldn't live with him straight away. This led Annie to ruin Emma's art work.

Miss Dyson knew Annie ruined Emma's work and agreed that she wouldn't say nothing to Emma if Annie agreed to fix it. Annie later confessed to Emma she ruined her artwork, leading to her, Tanya and Emma making friends with each other.

Series 28 (2005)Edit

Annie arrives late to registration and she apologizes to the form tutor for being late. When she notices it's Mr Malachy, she questions whether he's their form tutor. After registration, Tanya is determined not to cover up her tattoo and Annie encourages her to stand her ground because if there is more people like her, then they will have to change the rules. Annie then emphasizes that they have Mr Malachy for their form tutor for a whole year and she's gutted about that. Tanya tells Annie they were worried she wouldn't show, but Annie says she just slept in and it's no big deal. Emma brings up that she heard her dad's better and Annie explains that he isn't totally better, but he's determined to take his medication and as long as he does that, he's on an even keel. Annie adds that he took her and Tanya to see McFly and she asks them if they can imagine him doing that the previous year and that she and Baz feel like they've been let out of prison.




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