Benny Green
Benny Green
Character Information
Nicknames Benny
School Grange Hill
Year Group First Year (1978-1979)
Third Year (1980-1981)
Fifth Year (1982)
Occupation Student
Age 11-12 (Series 1-Series 2)
13-14 (Series 3-Series 4)
15-16 (Series 5)
Gender Male
Friends Tucker Jenkins
Alan Humphries
Tommy Watson
Simon Shaw
Trisha Yates
Family Sam Green (Father)
Mrs Green (Mother)
Michael Green (Brother)
Production Information
First Episode Series 1 (Episode 1)
Last Episode Series 5 (Episode 6)
Series Series 1 (1978)
Series 2 (1979)
Series 3 (1980)
Series 4 (1981)
Series 5 (1982)
Number of Episodes 29
Played By Terry Sue-Patt

Benjamin "Benny" Green was a pupil at Grange Hill from 1978 to 1982, played by Terry Sue-Patt. Tucker is the son of Sam Green and Mrs Green and the older brother of Michael Green. Benny's best friends are Tucker Jenkins, Alan Humphries, Tommy Watson, Joseph Hughes and Simon Shaw and his friends are Justin Bennett, Andrew Stanton, Antoni Karamanopolis and Trisha Yates

Series 1 (1978)Edit

Benny is seen without a black uniform for half the season and becomes a friend of Peter Jenkins. He twice got into trouble with form tutor Mr Mitchell by pushing Justin Bennett into the swimming pool and goes on a dare with him and Peter which ends up with Justin being badly hurt and later receiving the cane for his own good by headmaster, Mr Starling, later in the season newcomer Doyle picks on him which makes him play truant with Trisha Yates

Series 2 (1979)Edit

After half term, Benny is accused of nicking 50p from the changing rooms. After the incident, Benny's team mates don't want him to play football and the following day, Benny refuses to go to school. Benny is proved innocent when Singer is caught by Mr Baxter trying to get money out of Justin Bennett.

Series 3 (1980)Edit

Benny has trouble whether he should play for the school or district team. Benny decides to play for the district, which doesn't please Mr Baxter.

Series 4 (1981)Edit

In the second half of the third year, Benny isn't seen as much. When Booga rips up Tucker's magazine cover design, Benny tries to persuade Tucker not to bunk off to re do it. When Benny's brother is molested by a man, Benny is revealed to have taken the week off.

Series 5 (1982)Edit

Benny only appears once this year. He plays football with Zammo. He helps Mr Baxter with the first year athletic trials and he stops Gripper Stebson picking on Roland Browning.



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