Eleanor Smith
Eleanor Smith (Series 30)
Character Information
School Grange Hill
Year Group Lower 6th (2005)
Upper 6th (2007)
Occupation Student
Parents Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Best Friends Kathy McIlroy
Karen Young
Holly Parsons
Friends Martin Miller
Baz Wainwright
Taylor Mitchell
Donnie Briscoe
Ross Duncan
Relationships Donnie Briscoe (Ex-Boyfriend)
Production Information
First Episode Series 29 (Episode 2)
Last Episode Series 30 (Episode 20)
Series Series 29 (2005)
Series 30 (2007)
Number of Episodes 16
Played By Amber Hodgskiss

Eleanor Smith was a student at Grange Hill from 2005 to 2007, played by Amber Hodgkiss. She made is first appearance in episode 2 of series 29 and made her final appearance in episode 20 of series 30.

Eleanor's best friends are Kathy McIlroy, Karen Young and Holly Parsons and her friends are Martin Miller, Baz Wainwright, Taylor Mitchell, Donnie Briscoe and Ross Duncan. Her relationships include Donnie.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 29 (2005)Edit

Episode 2Edit

Kathy McIlroy and Dawn O'Malley complain about Donnie Briscoe thinking he owns a chair, the smell of his PE kit and his attitude and Eleanor tells them Donnie is her boyfriend. After Baz Wainwright is dumped by Holly Parsons, Donnie dumps Eleanor.

Episode 8Edit

Eleanor attends the school council meeting to type the minutes. Eleanor doesn't want to put Tanya Young's suggestion on changing the PE kit in the minutes, but Mr Malachy tells her everything goes in. Eleanor says it never gets the greenlight and tells Tanya to find a subtle way to do so as kicking up a fuss with teachers never works.

Episode 10Edit

At a school council meeting, Mrs Bassinger agrees to let her do an opinion poll on the PE kit and Eleanor and Mrs Bassinger think 70% would be a persuasive argument. Tanya refuses to get Eleanor and her sister Karen Young's opinion.

Episode 19Edit

Eleanor and Holly tease Donnie after Baz stood up for Martin. Eleanor, Baz and Holly watch over Taylor Mitchell complete his schoolwork. Eleanor notices Donnie seems down and Donnie says she cheers him up with her cuddles. When Taylor is finished, Eleanor announces it to the other 6th formers. Eleanor and Baz talk about him meeting up with Holly later. After school, Eleanor and Holly meet Donnie and Eleanor tells him how she regrets going out with him, she calls him racist and sexist and he keeps his brain in his trousers.

Series 30 (2007)Edit

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