Georgina Hayes
Georgina Hayes (Series 14)
Character Information
Nicknames George
School Grange Hill
Year Group Second Year (1986)
Third Year (1987)
Fourth Year (1988)
Fifth Year (1989)
Lower 6th (1990)
Upper 6th (1991)
Occupation Student
Age 12-13 (Series 9)
13-14 (Series 10)
14-15 (Series 11)
15-16 (Series 12)
16-17 (Series 13)
17-18 (Series 14
Gender Female
Friends Helen Kelly
Imelda Davis
Calley Donnington
Ronnie Birtles
Jane Bishop
Fiona Wilson
Mandy Freemont
Aichaa Rashim
Robbie Wright
Ziggy Greaves
Gonch Gardener
Hollo Holloway
Trevor Cleaver
Vince Savage
Ted Fisk
Mike Bentley
Danny Kendall
Ant Jones
Freddie Mainwaring
Laura Reagan
Louise Webb
Julia Glover
Justine Dean
Chrissy Mainwaring
Natalie Stevens
Relationships Ant Jones
Ziggy Greaves
Mike Bentley
Production Information
First Episode Series 9 (Episode 1)
Last Episode Series 14 (Episode 20)
Series Series 9 (1986)
Series 10 (1987)
Series 11 (1988)
Series 12 (1989)
Series 13 (1990)
Series 14 (1991)
Number of Episodes 102
Played By Samantha Lewis

Georgina Hayes was a student at Grange Hill from 1986 to 1991, played by Samantha Lewis. Georgina was friends with Imelda Davis and Helen Kelly and they called themselves The Terrahawks. Georgina soon split from Imelda and Helen and made friends with other members of her year. In Series 9 and 10, she had a relationship with Ant Jones. In Series 12, she had a relationship with Ziggy Greaves. In Series 13 and 14, she had a relationship with Mike Bentley.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 9 (1986)Edit

Series 10 (1987)Edit

Series 11 (1988)Edit

Series 12 (1989)Edit

Series 13 (1990)Edit

Series 14 (1991)Edit



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