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Grange Hill Class 1986-1988 make their first appearance at Grange Hill as 3rd Years in series 9 and their last appearance as 5th Years in series 11.





These pupils formed a friendship during their time at Grange Hill with someone in their year or another year.

  • Danny Kendall and Ant Jones
  • Danny Kendall and Freddie Mainwaring
  • Laura Reagan and Julia Glover
  • Laura Reagan and Louise Webb
  • Julia Glover and Louise Webb


These pupils formed a relationship during their time at Grange Hill with someone in their year, another year or had a family member, such as a sibling or parent, at the school.

  • Ant Jones and Georgina Hayes
  • Freddie Mainwaring and Julia Glover
  • Freddie Mainwaring and Julie Marchant
  • Freddie Mainwaring and Laura Reagan
  • Banksy Banks and Laura Reagan
  • Mrs Reagan and Laura Reagan
  • Freddie Mainwaring and Chrissy Mainwaring
  • Cheryl Webb and Louise Webb


These pupils formed a conflict during their time at Grange Hill with someone in their year, another year or a member of staff.

  • Danny Kendall and Mr Bronson
  • Ant Jones and Mr Bronson


Series 9 (1986)Edit

  • Louise Webb's father dies of cancer
  • Laura Reagan is elected for the SPEC committee
  • Ant Jones runs away from home due to his feud with Mr Bronson

Series 10 (1987)Edit

  • Danny Kendall has a tumour, so he has to go away to Scotland for treatment
  • Georgina Hayes breaks up with Ant Jones

Series 11 (1988)Edit

  • Julia Glover transferrs to another school, St Bernadette's
  • Danny Kendall has to resit the 4th year, so he joins E4
  • At Laura and Mrs Reagan's dinner party, Mrs Reagan's boyfriend, Simon, made a pass at Julia Glover


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