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Grange Hill Wiki is a fanmade wiki which aims to be able to provide its visitors with detailed information on all the diffrent aspects of CBBC's Grange Hill including characters, series, episodes, actors etc. This being a fanmade wiki means that any visitor that is free to edit.
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Featured Student

Jessica Arnold

Jessica Arnold was a student at Grange Hill from 1994 to 1997, played by Amy Simcock (later credited as Amy Phillips). Despite not being a pupil at Grange Hill anymore, Jessica appeared during 1998 and she is the older sister of James "Arnie" Arnold.

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Featured Episode


Episode 1 is the first episode in Series 1 and the first episode in Grange Hill. It introduces many characters. The episode starts with Mr. Garfield the caretaker opening the school gates and Benny Green enters the school early and he hasn't got school uniform.

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Featured Pages

Gh Opening 24-25

Series 25 is the 25th series of CBBC's Grange Hill, which consisted of 18 episodes. Series 25 originally broadcast from 29th January 2002 to 28th March 2002.

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Chrissy's TP Storyline

Chrissy Mainwaring's Teenage Pregnancy was a storyline that started in Series 14 and ended in Series 15. The storyline focused on Chrissy Mainwaring and Ted Fisk.

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Mr Robson

Mr Peter Robson was the longest serving teacher at Grange Hill from 1988 to 2003, played by Stuart Organ. He married Miss Carver in Series 25 and their daughter, Clara, was born a year later.

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Tanya and Emma

The friendship between Tanya Young and Emma Bolton started in Series 26 when they started as Year 7's.

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