Alright, we'll get out a video. You can choose it, I'll pay for it and I'll even provide the popcorn.
—Jessica to Arnie to cheer him up when he finds out Dill has had an affair with Chris
Jessica Arnold
Jessica Arnold (Series 21)
Character Information
Nicknames Jess
School St Matilda's School
Grange Hill School
Year Group Year 9 (1994)
Year 10 (1995)
Year 11 (1996)
Lower 6th (1997)
Occupation Student
Age 13-14 (Series 17)
14-15 (Series 18)
15-16 (Series 19)
16-17 (Series 20)
17-18 (Series 21)
Gender Female
Parents Jim Arnold (Father)
Caroline Arnold (Mother)
Siblings Arnie Arnold (Brother)
Relatives Debbie (Aunt)
Unnamed Cousins
Best Friends Lauren Phillips
Lucy Mitchell
Jodie Abadeyo
Rachel Burns
Friends Dennis Morris
Dudley Wesker
Josh Davis
Joanna Day
Claire Sullivan
Carlene Joseph
Julie Corrigan
Robyn Stone
Relationships Joe Williams (Ex-Boyfriend)
Production Information
First Episode Series 17 (Episode 1)
Last Episode Series 21 (Episode 20)
Series Series 17 (1994)
Series 18 (1995)
Series 19 (1996)
Series 20 (1997)
Series 21 (1998)
Number of Episodes 52
Played By Amy Simcock (later credited as Amy Phillips)

Jessica Arnold is a student at Grange Hill School from 1994 to 1997, played by Amy Simcock (later credited as Amy Phillips). She made her first appearance in episode 1 of series 17 and made her last appearance in episode 20 of series 21.

Jessica is the daughter of Jim Arnold and Caroline Arnold and the older sister of Arnie Arnold. Jessica's best friends are Lauren Phillips, Lucy Mitchell, Jodie Abadeyo and Rachel Burns and her friends are Dennis Morris, Dudley Wesker, Josh Davis, Joanna Day, Claire Sullivan, Carlene Joseph, Julie Corrigan and Robyn Stone. Her relationships include Joe Williams.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 17 (1994)Edit

In English, Year 9 are reading Romeo and Juliet and new teacher, Miss Jordan, asks Jessica what Cupid's arrow is and Jessica responds with that it means to fall in love. The class later burst out laughing and Miss Jordan explains that she doesn't mind the class having a laugh, but what she does mind is that the class don't seem to be enjoying it. Jessica puts forward the reason the class is boring is that they are having to sit down and read it round class. Miss Jordan tells Jessica that they don't have room to get it on it's feet yet and Jessica adds that it was the same at her old school until they started up a drama club. When Becky Stevens accuses Jessica's brother Arnie and Sam Spalding of taking Jacko's shopping, Jessica asks Arnie what it was all about. When Arnie begins to explain, Jessica tells him to wise up as he isn't at his cosy, little prep school anymore. Arnie asks Jessica what he is going to do and Jessica tells him that it is his problem. Miss Jordan and Jessica go to Mrs Keele to put forward the idea of a drama group. Jessica says she will do most of the organisation and Mrs Keele brings up the subject of her schoolwork. Jessica tells her that she hasn't been set any homework so far and it isn't taking more than half an hour to do. Mrs Keele gives them her permission to go ahead with it.

Jessica and Miss Jordan begin auditioning people for the Romeo and Juliet play they intend to do. They are impressed by Lauren Phillip's audition and think they could be the Nurse or Lady Capulet. When Dudley auditions, Dudley tells Jessica and Miss Jordan that he is reciting a bit from a book and the character doesn't have a name, but Jessica points out you can't have a character with no name. Before Joe Williams' audition, Mr Robson interrupts the auditions to speak with Miss Jordan. When Joe calls Jessica Jess, she corrects him and calls him Joseph. Miss Jordan holds a Sunday rehearsal of Romeo and Juliet.

Brian Shaw and Jessica are rehearsing their part, but there is an awkward atmosphere when they realise they have to kiss and Miss Jordan agrees to skip their part.

Brian reckons that Jessica fancies him and Joe says she probably does. Year 7 [[[Anna Wright]] tells Jessica they should swap roles as she is a better actress. Jessica tells Anna that if she is a good actress, she should give Brian acting lessons. Brian overhears and is upset by the comment, but Jessica says it was just a joke. Paula Webster joins the drama group as she thinks Joe, who is her boyfriend, is flirting with Jessica. The boys end up quitting the group as real life and acting clash.

Jessica is on the phone to a friend from her old school and she gives them an insight into Grange Hill. Jessica tells Joe that the drama group isn't over as they are going on as an all woman group. Jessica is going out with her 2 friends, Hilary and Zoe, where they are going shopping and then to the theatre. Jessica suggests to Hilary and Zoe that they go to Grange Hill to look at it. When Zoe notices the school open, she asks Jessica if they can look in and that she and Hilary don't go to Grange Hill. Jessica shows them her classroom and they are interrupted when they hear raised voices, which happens to be Mrs Keele and her husband. Jessica, Hilary and Zoe decide to leave and Jessica tells her friends it's a mad school. They go to the theatre and after, they get some aggro off some boys but Jessica scares them off and Hilary and Zoe are amazed.

Jessica is waiting for a bus and she encounters Hilary and they talk about Saturday night. Jessica meets Brian in the playground, who is also running late. Jessica tells Brian that without the boys, the drama group is going well. Jessica and Brian are watched by people from the school balconey and Jessica decides to give them something to talk about and she links arms with Brian into school. Later, Joe sits next to Jessica and asks him what's going on with Brian. Once Joe leaves with Paula, Jessica, Lauren, Rachel and Lucy see Mr Robson and Miss Jordan leaving school together.

Later, Jessica gives Miss Jordan videos of plays with all female casts. Miss Jordan thinks the girls are too young to be the golden girls, but Jessica says it's the Shakespeare version not American. Jessica interrupts Miss Jordan and Mr Robson's conversation by telling them some boys are locked in the toilets and are banging to get out. Joe accuses Jessica of locking them in because they left the drama group, but Jessica tells them their departure is the best thing. The drama group are left to start on their own as Miss Jordan believes there is a staff meeting. Things are going OK until the boys disturb it and ruin a story activity, by referring it to Jessica and how she fancies Brian. Jessica takes Joe's cap and refuses to hand it over until they give the ball back. The boys crowd round Jessica and there is a scream from Jessica. Miss Jordan and Mr Robson rush to the room and Jessica is in distress due to being groped by one of the boys.

Mr and Mrs Arnold leave their house to go to the school about the incident. Mr Arnold blames himself for it and that he shouldn't have moved her from St Matilda's, but Jessica tells her dad not to blame himself. Mr Arnold thinks he should take both Jessica and Arnie away from Grange Hill, but Jessica tells him most of the kids are OK and she has made good friends. Arnie tells Jessica if she didn't take the hat, the situation could've been avoidable but Jessica says that doesn't give a guy the right to grope her. Mrs Arnold believes Jessica knew who it was because of the comment, but Jessica says she was just making a point.

At school, Mr Arnold tells Mrs Keele he is considering Jessica's future at the school. Mr Arnold then proceeds to ask what the school intends to do and Mrs Keele explains to Jessica and her parents that Mr Robson and Miss Jordan are investigating and interviewing all pupils involved. When Jessica is asked if she wants to say anything, Jessica tells her dad that she doesn't want to move schools again. Mrs Arnold also says that they have decided not to press charges against whoever it was, which was decided by Jessica and she doesn't want a fuss made. After school, Miss Jordan asks Jessica how the day went and Jessica still can't believe it happened and the hassle she gets. Jessica also thinks no one believes what she is saying. When Jessica asks Miss Jordan if it could've been an accident, Miss Jordan tells her only she knows and Jessica is adamant that it wasn't accident. Miss Jordan tells her that she has to be prepared to get noisy, yet it might be difficult finding out who it was as no one will probably admit.

Jessica asks Miss Jordan if the drama group could do something about relationships and Miss Jordan tells Jessica it would be a strange drama if it wasn't based on relationships. Jessica particularly wants to focus on boy-girl relationships and how difficult the male sex can be and Miss Jordan gives her approval.

In Science, Year 9 are doing about living organisms and reproduction, where Dudley Wesker is behaving immaturely. Jessica says there is no danger of him reproducing as no one would have him. Dudley responds by saying Jessica would have anyone. When Mr Hankin moves on about evolution of reproduction, Jessica makes another remark about Dudley, saying some species haven't evolved far.

Arnie, Sam and Anna have planned to go to Hertfordshire to save some dogs. To get some money, Arnie compliments Jessica on her hair and she asks what he want. Arnie says he wants nothing, but he then asks Jessica how she is for money and Jessica knew Arnie would ask her something like that. Jessica reckons Arnie wants money for a computer game, but Jessica is suprised when he says it isn't. Arnie then explains he needs at least £10 for the fares to Hertfordshire to rescue some dogs, but Jessica presumes he is making it up. Arnie goes on about the animal man and Jessica agrees to lend him the money. The next day, Mrs Arnold comes off the phone to Sam's mum, who has been told that they've gone fishing, that they haven't. Jessica tells her mum how Arnie told her about going to Hertfordshire and that she thought he was messing about as he said something about rescuing dogs from a farm. Arnie soon returns home.

The drama group run through their play for Mrs Monroe and Miss Jordan, entitled 'Bits and Pieces', which is about a women's place in society. The girls are upset when Mrs Monroe tells them although it was brilliant and passionate, she couldn't support them to show it due to the publicity it might recieve. Unknown to the girls, Dudley and Dennis were watching and accidentally destroy their equipment. Jessica is summoned to the hall by Miss Jordan and Mrs Monroe, who think the girls were responsible as they were upset about the show. In Art, Jessica tells Rachel and Lucy about the damage to their props and that the teachers are accusing them.

Jessica, Lauren and Lucy decide to start questioning people about their whereabouts and Jessica thinks the police are only going to be bothered about the insurance, not school vandalism. They begin questioning Dennis, who lies and says he left at 3.30pm with Dudley. The 3 of them go to Dudley to see if he backs up Dennis' story, but Dennis interuppts and says they left at the same time.

In Science, Year 9 are doing forensic science and Lucy asks Mr Hankin if he can take a look at their props for clues. Mr Hankin looks at their things with Jessica, Lucy and Lauren and they find a footprint. They realise that someone was watching them the whole time and Mr Hankin tells them whoever the footprint belongs to, that's their culprit.

The previous night, a man who had been stabbed and fell into Justine's arms, who also brushed shoulders with the attacker and when Lauren and Lucy tells Jodie, Rachel and Jessica. Jessica is being silent and she tells her friends that it reminded her of the drama group incident. Even though Jessica wanted everyone to forget it, she always wonders when she sees one of the boys if it was them. Jessica pins up a reward poster to find out any information about the vandalism, but Mrs Monroe takes it down and apologises to Rachel, Jessica and Lucy after Mr Hankin told her about the footprint. In the library, Joe asks Jessica if she is avoiding him and if she still thinks it was him responsible for what happened. Jessica says she can't be sure who it was.

Mrs Monroe has organised to take Year 9 to a theatre in the park. Also, Jessica and the drama group have started to sell tickets but they haven't found a location yet. Their theatre in the park gives Jessica the idea to hold their play in the park as they don't need permission. On the phone at home, Jessica is giving the details of the play to someone and her mum asks Jessica what is going on. Jessica explains they are putting a play on in the park and Mrs Arnold wonders why Jessica didn't mention it to her and Mr Arnold and Jessica says it's not really for parents and it's about a woman's place in society.

Joe tells Jessica that the play they put on the previous night was alright. Joe then asks if Jessica would like to come and see a band, but Jessica rejects the invite. Jessica found out that Brian was responsible for what happened to her as Dennis told Lucy. Lucy says they should tell Mr Robson, but Jessica insists she doesn't want a fuss made as she just wanted to know who it was. After Joe and Gabriel confront Brian, Brian apologises to Jessica and Jessica tells him if he came clean and apologised, she may have believed him but she's gone a long time without knowing and even getting blamed for it herself. Jessica tells Brian that next time he gropes another girl, he should think about what Jessica went through.

At home, Arnie is holding a computer tennis match and Jessica is finding it impossible to concentrate. Jessica goes into Arnie's room and turns off his computer after he ignored her requests to turn it off. Mrs Arnold asks Arnie and Jessica what is going on and why Arnie was making so much noise over a homework project, but Jessica tells their mum Arnie was playing computer games.

Mr Parrott is loosing his voice and all his classes are trying to get it to go. The pupils have also found out about Mr Parrott breaking up with his fiancée and she has gone to Germany. To wind Mr Parrott up, Jodie tells Jessica her boyfriend has asked her to marry him and Jodie asks Jessica what engagement ring is in German. Jodie then asks how to say I love you in German.

In Science, which is outside, Jessica brings up the subject of the upcoming Germany trip and Lucy tells Jessica she is unable to go due to her grandfather's birthday.

In Germany at the hostel, Jessica is about to be poured wine when Mr Robson says she's not old enough. Jessica attracts a German man named Hans, who offers to show her and a few of her friends around, but Miss Jordan intervenes and says not tonight as they have had a long journey. Jessica is suprised when Miss Jordan says they have to be up for 7.45am for school. The next night, Jessica and a few others ask Mr Robson if they can go out to a pizza place, they have to be back for 10pm. However, they end up going to a club instead and Jessica meets up with Hans and his friend, Dieter. Jessica ends up getting drunk and back at the hostel, Maria gives Jessica a coffee to drink. Jessica initially refuses to drink the coffee, but Maria says she will tell Mr Robson, who will have to tell her parents. Jessica performs 'He's Got The Whole World In His Hands' with the rest of the choir.

Series 18 (1995)Edit

Jessica helps out on the Year 7 induction day. In the Art room, Joe's chat with Jessica is ruined by Sarah-Jane Webster when she tells Jessica that she knows Joe because he goes out with her sister, Paula.

Jessica is away on a field trip and Joe gives her a call. He is jealous when he hears that they met up with some boys from another school. When Jessica ends the call, Joe is feeling sorry for himself and Paula suggests they go out. After school, Paula is mouthing off to Sarah-Jane about going to the cinema with Joe. Lucy, Lauren and Jodie feel they should tell Jessica and they write a letter to her.

Jessica arrives back at school and she doesn't want to see Joe or Paula. Lucy regrets sending the letter, but Jessica is glad that she did. Jessica blames herself as she told Joe on the phone that they played a joke on one of the boys at the hostel. After PE, Jessica encounters Paula and tells her that Joe doesn't want to go out with her. Wanting answers, Jessica tells Lucy she'll have to ask Joe what is going on with him and Paula. Lucy advises her not to as she could make the situation worse. The next day, Paula is on the gates, taking names of late comers. Paula tells Jessica she is late and Jessica says she will bring her down at the girls Year 10 versus Year 12 rugby match.

During the match, Jessica tackles Paula. When Jodie is injured, the scores are one each and Jessica decides to take the last kick. At the end of the match, Jessica and Paula congratulate each other.

In the playground, Joe signals Jessica to come over to him. When she asks why he didn't come to him, Joe said they were a bunch of kids. Joe asks Jessica if she wants to come go-karting, but she sarcastically responds by saying she spent her pocket money.

At the go-karting track, Joe is working and Jessica is just waiting, but Joe's dad tells her she can get kitted out and have a go. Joe is apprehensive and says he needs to be with her. Joe isn't pleased when some boys whistle at Jessica. When Gabriel and Brian come to the go-karting track, Joe asks them to watch Jessica. Jessica impresses everyone with her go karting, but she crashes into some tyres and Joe tells her that she doesn't drive like a kid.

Lucy, Dennis, Josh and Dudley start an information sheet. The boys persuade Lucy to do a lonely hearts advertisment. Jessica takes Jodie's copy of the information sheet and reads out one of the lonely hearts and someone is looking for a Year 10 babe, who is attractive, a chick and with maximum attitude. When Mr Parrott asks what is going on, Jessica tells him to relax as they are a bunch of chicks with maximum attitude.

At home, Arnie tells Jessica that his friend, Rick, has a date with a girl and Arnie thinks it's weird. Jessica explains that it's due to hormones that affect the body and mind and that it isn't weird to fancy someone. Jessica pays for an advertisment in the lonely hearts column and Rachel asks about Joe. Jessica says that there is no harm seeing who else there is. When the lonely heart replies are given out, Robyn Stone gets the wrong Sexy Sadie and asks who James Arnold is and Jessica tells her it's her brother.

Jessica's classmate, Felicity, isn't taking part in the sex education workshop. Jessica asks Jodie why and Jodie tells her it's because of Felicity's parents disapprove of it. Jessica says she will tell Felicity about it. During the workshop, Year 10 discuss the risk of HIV from different causes. Jessica thinks drugs are a high risk and places herself near the high risk end of the line.

Jessica walks to school with Jodie and Lucy and is met by Joe. Dennis and Jessica are in the 6th form common room, but Mr Hankin tells them they are not allowed in. Jessica tells Lucy, who has fallen out with Dennis and Josh, she needs an older boyfriend, like Joe and that he apologises with roses.

Lucy's mum died and the class are upset. Dennis, who arrives late, is devestated when he is told and Jessica asks Dennis if he is alright and she comforts him. Jessica agrees with Jodie that they have to be there for Lucy. Jessica attends Lucy's mother's funeral along with Mr Robson, Jodie, Lauren and Rachel.

Miss Carver does a follow up to the AIDS workshop. Miss Carver tells the class she can't answer certain questions on certain matters, but she can tell them details of organisations and they can talk to their parents. When Lauren says the last thing her parents want to do is talk about sex and fellow classmate, Dean, tells Lauren not to argue but Jessica says they are being serious. Dean mocks Jessica and Jessica tells him to grow up.

The class find out Lucy's mum died of AIDS from a blood transfusion and at swimming, Jessica couldn't bring herself to getting in the pool. At school, Lauren told Jessica it was safe to get in. Rumours about Lucy and her situation are around the school and Arnie asks Jessica if Lucy has AIDS and 6 months to live. Jessica tells Arnie to shut up as Lucy is next to him.

On the day of Lucy's AIDS test results, which coincides with parents evening, Jessica, Rachel and Lauren agree to act normal with her. Mr Parrott is unaware of Lucy's situation and tells her to concentrate and Jessica asks Lauren if they should tell Mr Parrott. At lunch, Jessica is discussing parents evening with Lauren, Jodie, Rachel and Lucy. Lucy asks for a drink of Jessica's cola and then gives the bottle back. Jessica tells Lucy she can keep it and Rachel asks for some, but it's dropped over Lucy's skirt. Jessica tells Rachel not to worry as she was just helping. At parents evening, Mr Arnold speaks to Mr Hankin about Jessica's science. Jessica is doing well and Mr Arnold tells Mr Hankin that he triggered her interests and his lessons are unpredictable.

The school is making a video for the school and Jessica is appointed as chief editor. Jessica and Arnie tell their dad about the video, which isn't going to be cheap. Mr Arnold tells Jessica, Arnie and Rick about product placement and how people pay thousands to have their product in a film.

Jessica, Jodie and Rachel are filming in Mr Robson's office for the introduction. Mr Robson has a meeting with everyone involved with the video and when Mr Robson says they have to cut the part about Julie's protest, Jessica states Julie was fighting for her beliefs and that they worked hard on the video. Jessica and Joe decide to make their own video and sell copies around the school. Jessica persuades her dad to let her use his camcorder as the staff aren't interested in what they have to say and Rick's new bike ruined most of the shots. Mr Arnold asks Jessica about the new bike as Rick couldn't afford one and Jessica tells him it's flash.

Arnie asks Jessica if their dad knows whats in the unofficial video and if they are using stuff from the old video. Jessica invites everyone to her house to watch the video they made, but are interrupted by Mr Arnold and Arnie tells them that their intention is to sell copies. Mr Arnold says he can't allow them to do that and the video is confiscated. Without a copy, Arnie wonders what it would be like if there was a copy and how much it would be worth. Jessica looks through Arnie's bag and finds the copy and realises Arnie wanted the video to see if they used any bike shots. Arnie says he will sell it to her, but Jessica says he can't sell it her as she already has it.

Series 19 (1996)Edit

Jessica is ill and Arnie is sick of her getting all the sympathy. Arnie is in her bedroom, watching a violent movie about a bus of school kids, who are being held hostage by a psychopath and Jessica insists that he leaves and to turn the film off. Their mother comes in and tells James to leave as Jessica needs her rest. Jessica asks Arnie to give her boyfriend, Joe Williams, a message but Arnie initially refuses. The next day, Arnie gives Joe the message and he goes to see Jessica, but he is distant with her and Jessica asks him what the problem is. Joe says she isn't as fun as before, so Jessica gets up and says she will dance for him, but Jessica falls on her bed.

When Jessica's friends, Lucy Mitchell and Rachel Burns, are out, they spot Joe with another girl and Lucy and Rachel wonder who she is and if Joe has split up with Jessica. Joe decides to take Jessica some flowers, but Arnie still thinks Jessica is faking her illness. Lucy and Rachel later go and see Jessica and they reluctantly tell Jessica about the girl Joe was with and Jessica is devestated. The next school day, Jessica comes downstairs in school uniform and tells her family that she's going to school as it is an important year for her, but Jessica looks unwell. Jessica bursts into the 6th form common room and Joe is suprised to see her and infront of the 6th form, she dumps Joe. As she is walking down the corridor, Jessica faints. When Jessica comes round, Mrs Maguire stays with her and tells Jessica that her mum is coming to collect her.

Rachel goes to see Jessica to organise the photos for the Year 11 yearbook. Jessica picks up a photo of Dennis Morris and she asks Rachel who he is and if she knows him as her memory isn't good recently. Jessica bursts into tears, wondering why she can't remember. Arnie brings them a cup of tea, but Jessica accidentally drops it and he shouts at Jessica, saying he hopes she never gets better. Later, Mr Arnold goes with his daughter to collect the results of her blood test. When Mrs Arnold arrives home, she asks Jessica and Mr Arnold how it went at the doctors and what did the doctor say, but they remain silent and Mrs Arnold wonders what is going on.

Mr Arnold goes to school and tells Mr Robson that Jessica has been diagnosed with M.E. It's affecting the whole family and as Mr Arnold is about to leave, Mr Robson points out that he is wearing odd socks.

Jessica's aunt Debbie in California rings Jessica's mum and asks Jessica out there. When Mrs Arnold puts the suggestion to Mr Arnold, he is unsure as her aunt hasn't brought kids up with M.E, but Mrs Arnold reckons the sun and lying on a beach will be better than lying in bed. Arnie overhears and bursts into Jessica's room, asking if she's going to California and says it's only her they think of. Mr Arnold intervenes and sends Arnie out and suggests to Lucy and Dennis Morris that they leave.

Dennis was envious of a fellow classmate's jacket that was purchased on an exchange trip to the US. He decides to make use of Jessica's situation to get her to buy some jackets to sell at cut prices. He gets Josh Davies and Dudley Wesker to help him, but when Josh asks if Jessica has actually said yes to going, Dennis isn't sure but he'll try to persusde her. Dennis asks Mr Brisley if they can make a card for Jessica-a farewell card.

They go round to see Jessica and they start selling the idea. However, Arnie overhears and tells them Jessica is ill and if she goes, it's to get better. Jessica thanks him and he says she should go to California if it will help.

Arnie decides to phone Jessica at school, but he didn't know what time it was in California and his aunt wasn't pleased as it was night time over there. Jessica phones Arnie at home and he asks her advice on how to ask a girl to the upcoming school disco, but pretends he is asking for a friend. 

Series 20 (1997)Edit

On her first day back, Jessica encounters Dennis, who is in a wheelchair and she asks him what happened. Dennis begins to explain until Jessica's friends spot her and they all crowd round her, welcoming her back.

In the 6th form common room, Jessica has been answering questions from her friends. When the bell goes, Jessica had to go to Mr Robson about reintergrating back into the school. Joanna Day thinks Jessica should be back in Year 11 as she has her GCSE's to do.

Jessica asks Arnie why he isn't in registration and he tells her he is trying to persuade Josh to join the roller hockey team. Jessica gives Arnie his football kit, which he left at home and Arnie asks if Jessica can talk Josh into joining the roller hockey team. Jessica says Josh isn't the sort to get talked into things, but Josh agrees. At home, Jessica tells Arnie that he must be feeling confident as Josh is on the team, but Arnie isn't enthusiastic and Jessica asks what is wrong. After his date with Kelly Bradshaw, Arnie returns home and the phone rings. Arnie tells Jessica if it's anyone for him, he doesn't want to speak but Jessica gives him the phone.

Jessica goes looking for Josh, who hasn't turned up for the roller hockey match. Jessica finds him in Ray's cafe and Josh tells her that he forgot and he's missed it now, but Jessica tells him he hasn't and takes him to the match. Josh injures his ankle and Jessica gives him ice to put on to help with the swelling. Jessica congratulates Arnie for his team winning the match.

Lauren is leaving Grange Hill and moving to Barbados with her family and Jessica suggests to her friends they do something to keep her at Grange Hill. Dudley asks Jessica if she is going on the walking holiday, which is overheard by Dennis, and she says she isn't. For Claire Sullivan's birthday, Jessica suggests a party at The Arches after school. Claire tells Jessica that Chris Longworth was looking for her earlier and she goes to see what he wants. When Jessica asks, Chris makes up that he teased Arnie about a girl he fancies as Chris was actually looking for Joanna.

At Ray's Cafe, Jessica arranges for Jamie to take an interest in Lauren at Claire's party. At the party, Jamie is chatting away to Carlene and he tells Jessica things are going great, but Jessica tells him who Lauren is. Jessica's plan backfires and Lauren tells Jessica that she still intends to leave and that she wasn't desperate for a boyfriend.

Jessica goes to Lauren's and she apologises for the party and everyone wishes her luck and they all love her. Lucy, Rachel and the rest of Lauren's friends come in to Lauren's room and give her some gifts.

Mr Robson asks Jessica to be the editor of the school magazine as Gerald has 4 A-Level's. He wants Jessica to move the articles away from stuff like bicycle safety and Jessica says she would make it attractive and relevant. In the 6th form common room, Jessica is looking through various magazines with Carlene and Claire for ideas.

At Lucy's house, Joanna brings a bottle of vodka. Jessica tells Joanna that Lucy's had an upsetting day and that being sorry for herself doesn't give her the right to take friends for granted. The next day at school, Jessica holds a magazine meeting and she tells them that they are going to have fun with the magazine. The first magazine has been sent out and Jessica tells everyone that it went down well. For the next issue, Jessica suggests a feature on Dennis and what he hasn't been through, but Claire isn't keen.

Jessica tells Carlene and Dill that she wants a decent centrefold for the school magazine the same day and for them to try harder. Gemma Lyons suspects that Miss Carver is pregnant and she tells Jessica and when Jessica asks if Gemma has proof, Gemma says she hasn’t but can get some. Jessica, Carlene, Dill, Laurie and Claire are looking at pictures of boys for the kiss and throw section of the school magazine, which causes giggles amongst them. Jessica reads the article on Dennis and she asks Claire about the questions she prepared about his love life, but Claire tells Jessica that it was hard enough as it was and couldn’t ask them. Jessica says she will have to edit the article and reminds Claire of the lunchtime meeting about the problem page.

Jessica asks Ray if she can take a few photos of Jamie for the school magazine. When Jamie wonders why him and not Ray, Jessica says that he is younger and the kids can relate to him. Jessica explains to Ray that the kids really like his café and that it will help his business. Ray agrees and Jessica asks Gemma to get her camera from school. Jessica soon starts taking photos and she asks Gemma to boil 2 pans of water for steam and she asks Jamie to take his top off. In the magazine meeting, Claire asks Jessica if she thinks that articles on ways to kiss are explicit, but Jessica tells her it’s what the students want. Gemma and Tracy burst in and tell Jessica that Miss Carver is definitely pregnant as they heard her talking to Mr Brisley. When Gemma’s dad sees the picture of Jamie on her bedroom wall, he tells Gemma to take it down and Gemma tells her dad they took it for the school magazine.

The next day at school, Claire is giving Dave the cold shoulder and Jessica asks why as she thought Claire liked him. Claire tells Jessica it’s because of Dennis as she left him waiting when they were due to go shopping and she likes him as just a friend, but he was angry. Jessica reassures Claire that Dennis is angry with everyone at the moment, especially his best friends. Jessica tells Claire to stop feeling guilty and go for it with Dave. When Mr Robson asks Jessica how the school magazine is going, she tells Mr Robson it’s going well and she is enjoying it. In the 6th form common room, Jessica gives Dennis a copy of the latest edition of the school magazine, but Mr Robson interrupts and summons Jessica to his office. Mr Robson explains to Jessica that a parent, which was Mr Lyons, phoned him to Gemma had a photo of a naked man on her wall, which came from the school magazine and Gemma assisted Jessica to take it. Mr Robson tells Jessica that he is banning the issue and not to give any out, but Jessica says it isn’t fair as she kept her side of the bargain to liven up the magazine. Mr Robson instructs Jessica to collect all the magazines, but Jessica storms out and tells Mr Robson he can ask someone else to collect them.

Dill tells Jessica and Claire that someone has photocopied the magazine and sold it around the school. Gemma apologises to Jessica, Claire and Dill as it was her dad’s fault the issue was banned and Jessica wonders if it is Gemma who was the one sending letters to the magazine as unloved. Mr Hankin notices Year 7 Janet with a black eye and he pulls Jessica up and asks her as the editor of the school magazine, who would give advice if someone was being bullied. Jessica asks Mr Hankin if he means Gemma, but Mr Hankin tells her it was another student following her advice. Mr Hankin also tells Jessica that if she is not sure, then she shouldn’t have said anything.

A governors meeting has been called about the magazine. Mr Arnold tells Mrs Maguire was told to leave the meeting, presumably because Jessica was responsible. Jessica sees her dad and asks what’s going on and Mr Arnold tells her he had to leave. In Mr Robson’s office, Mr Arnold has a talk with Jessica and that Mr Robson could be in a lot of trouble, but Jessica thinks the governors are getting fussed over nothing. Mr Arnold tells Jessica that it could affect Mr Robson’s career and Jessica says she’s going to speak to the governors, but Mr Arnold advises her not to. Jessica waits until Mr Robson is out of the area and Jessica goes to speak to Mr McNab and the governors. Later, Mr Arnold thanks Mr Robson for the opportunity he gave to Jessica and that it gave her confidence back, which can be difficult to restrain.  Mr Robson thanks Jessica for going to the governors and Jessica apologises for going too far with the magazine and she meant what she said that he was a good teacher.

Series 21 (1998)Edit

At breakfast, Jessica, who is on study leave from college, jokingly asks Arnie if he's on a diet as he is just stirring his cereal. Arnie tells her to stop questioning him and get back to studying. A depressed Arnie arrives home from school and he aplogises to Jessica for his awkward behaviour earlier. He tells Jessica that he and Dill have split up because she was two timing him with Chris Longworth. To cheer Arnie up, Jessica pays for him to rent a movie of his choice and the popcorn. Dill visits Arnie, but Jessica is angry at her for the way she treated her brother. When Arnie comes back he is rude to her and tells her to leave and Mr Arnold is appalled by his behaviour. When Mr Arnold sees Dill out, Jessica apologises as their dad didn't know.

Jessica attends the suprise ball at school with the rest of her friends. Josh Davies tells Jessica, Dudley and Dennis that he has his own business. Jessica asks if he's making any money and going well and Josh is hesitant and Jessica sarcastically replies it isn't.



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