Jenny: Er, cheers sis, you can push off now, unless you want me to see you inside.
Karen: I don't have to do this, you know.
—Jenny gets fed up of Karen walking her to school
Karen Young and Jenny Young
Karen Young and Jenny Young
Relationship Information
Characters Involved Karen Young and Jenny Young
Relationship Status Half-Sisters
Played By Holly Quin-Ankrah and Naomi Ritchie

Karen Young and Jenny Young is the sibling relationship that started before Series 30 between Karen Young and Jenny Young.

Relationship HistoryEdit

Series 30 (2007)Edit

Episode 1Edit

Karen and Tanya Young bring their half-sister Jenny to school for her first day. Jenny tells Jake that people think Karen is clever and Tanya is glamorous and she doesn't know how she can compete.  After school, Jenny and Lucy Johnson start a fight, but Karen and Tanya, as well as Tigger and Tigger Johnson, break them up.

Episode 5Edit

Jenny isn't washing her hair as part of an experiment and Karen tells her she stinks. Emma asks Karen and Jenny where Tanya is.

Episode 6Edit

Tanya bunks off to see Togger after he decides not to come to school. Tanya explains how her mum had an affair with Karen's dad and Jenny is her mum and stepdad's daughter.

Episode 12Edit

Jenny is disgusted when Karen and Eleanor Smith wonder if Kathy McIlroy and Donnie Briscoe slept together. Jenny is sarcastic when Togger asks where Tanya is and makes remarks about Emma being sick. Emma thinks Tanya told Karen that she is pregnant when Karen talks to her and Jenny interrupts. Tanya joins them, defending Emma against Jenny.

Episode 13Edit

Karen arrives at school with Jenny, who is showing Jake a mind reading app on her mobile. Taylor Mitchell asks them if Emma is staying with them as there is a letter for her.

Episode 19Edit

Tanya tells Jenny to be at Karen's dance competition. Jenny and Jake interrupt Karen and Ross Duncan's dance by wearing foam fingers and leprechaun hats with hooters and chanting.

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