Character Information
Gender Female
Family Lisa West (Cousin Twice Removed)
Shona West (Cousin Twice Removed)
Production Information
First Episode Series 23 (Episode 4)
Last Episode Series 23 (Episode 4)
Series Series 23 (2000)
Number of Episodes 1
Played By Uncredited

Katrina is the cousin of Lisa and Shona West.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 23 (2000)Edit

Lisa and Tracy Long are dating Cracker Bacon and Tom Smith, so they decide to arrange for Matt Singleon to meet Katrina in the Archers, a message Cracker fails to pass on. At the Archers, Lisa admits to Matt she hadn't seen Katrina for a year. When Katrina arrives, the gang are shocked with how she looks.


Series 23 (2000)

  • Series 23 (Episode 1)


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