Kimberley Webster
Kimberley Webster
Character Information
Gender Female
Parents Mrs Webster (Mother)
Siblings Paula Webster (Sister)
Sarah-Jane Webster (Sister)
Production Information
First Episode Series 18 (Episode 1)
Last Episode Series 18 (Episode 1)
Series Series 18 (1995)
Number of Episodes 1
Played By Charlotte Douglas

Kimberley Webster is the sister of Paula Webster and Sarah-Jane Webster, played by Charlotte Douglas.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 18 (1995)Edit

Episode 1Edit

Kimberley is wondering the corridors and Sarah-Jane finds her, but they're lost. Kimberley runs off whilst Sarah-Jane asks Mrs Maguire the way to the hall and she is found when Mr Parrott is showing a group of Year 7's around. Sarah-Jane explains to Mr Robson that Paula was meant to be looking after Kimberley as their mum hadn't arranged for her to go back to the childminder, but went to meet someone, so Sarah-Jane had to bring her in so she didn't miss her first day. Mrs Maguire agrees to look after Kimberley and she and Mr Robson get Sarah-Jane and Kimberley's names wrong. As Mrs Maguire opens some nappies, Kimberley runs off again and is found in Mr Brisley's Art room cupboard. Mr Robson finds Paula with the basketball team and she takes Kimberley from Mrs Maguire.


Series 18 (1995)

  • Series 18 (Episode 1)


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