Lucy (Series 28)
Character Information
Occupation Student
Gender Female
Parents Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Friends Tanya Young
Production Information
First Episode Series 28 (Episode 18)
Last Episode Series 28 (Episode 18)
Series Series 28 (2005)
Number of Episodes 1
Played By Lauren Drummond

Lucy is a student who contacts Tanya Young after her attack by a man who attacked her, played by Lauren Drummond. She made her first and last appearance in episode 18 of series 28.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 28 (2005)Edit

Episode 16Edit

Tanya receives an e-mail from Lucy in her IT class, causing her to be sick. Tanya shows her sister Karen Young the e-mail from Lucy, claiming she was attacked by the same man. They wonder if Lucy is real or fake and what they should do. Tanya prints the e-mail

Episode 17Edit

Tanya doesn't know what to do with the e-mail. Karen shows Mrs Bassinger the e-mail and Mrs Bassinger tells Tanya the e-mail is genuine, but the police can't do anything unless Lucy comes forward. Tanya talks to Lucy online with Annie Wainwright. Tanya admits to Lucy she didn't know if she was real and Tanya asks Lucy what happened to her. Lucy leaves the chat when Tanya asks her to meet at Grange Hill.

Episode 18Edit

Lucy turns up and she and Tanya talk about what happened to them and Lucy knew Simon as Ben. Karen finds out Tanya is with Lucy from Baz Wainwright. Lucy is angry when Karen interrupts with Mrs Bassinger and Lucy doesn't want to talk to Tanya. Lucy gets upset and lets slip she knows where Simon lives. The police arrive and Tanya persuades Lucy to tell the police what happened.

Episode 19Edit

Tanya finds out at the premiere of My Fair Lady that Simon has been charged.


Series 28 (2005)

  • Series 28 (Episode 18)


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