Lucy Johnson
Lucy Johnson (Series 31)
Character Information
Nicknames Luce
School Grange Hill School
Year Group Year 7 (2007)
Year 8 (2008)
Occupation Student
Parents Mr Johnson (Father)
Rhona Jenkins (Mother)
Siblings Togger Johnson (Brother)
Tigger Johnson (Brother)
Relatives Mr Jenkins (Grandfather)
Ruth Jenkins (Grandmother)
Tucker Jenkins (Uncle)
Barry Jenkins (Uncle)
Pets Cuddles (Guinea Pig)
Lenny (Dog)
Best Friends Rachel Towers
Friends Bryn Williams
Ali Duncan
Production Information
First Episode Series 30 (Episode 1)
Last Episode Series 31 (Episode 20)
Series Series 30 (2007)
Series 31 (2008)
Number of Episodes 23
Played By Daisy McCormick

Lucy Johnson is a student at Grange Hill School from 2007 to 2008, played by Daisy McCormick. She made her first appearance in episode 1 of series 30 and made her last appearance in episode 20 of series 31.

Lucy is the daughter of Rhona Jenkins and Mr Johnson, the younger sister of Togger Johnson and Tigger Johnson and the niece of Tucker Jenkins. Lucy's best friend is Rachel Towers and her friends are Bryn Williams and Ali Duncan.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 30 (2007)Edit

Tigger is suppose to walk Lucy into Grange Hill for her first day, but he argues with Togger. Tigger runs out of the house with Ed Booth, leaving Togger to take Lucy to school. Lucy emerges downstairs in jeans and a top, but Togger instructs her to get her uniform on. Lucy isn't happy about wearing a school uniform because in junior school, she could wear jeans.

Lucy clashes with fellow student Jenny Young and she doesn't get along with her.

When Chloe Moore takes her best friend's, Rachel Towers, watch, she uses Chloe 6th form crush, Max Humphries, to get it back.

Series 31 (2008)Edit

When Lucy and Jenny argue, Togger and Tanya Young get the pair to act as their campaign managers for the head girl and boy election. Lucy decides to sabotage her campaign to frame Jenny.

Lucy becomes a vegetarian when she discovers her dad takes animals to be killed at the petting farm, Lucy decides to rescue the animals with Rachel, Jenny and Jake. When at school, Lucy locks themselves and the animals in the CLC. Togger isn't pleased with his sister and nor is their dad and the animals start messing the CLC up. Lucy's father tells his daughter that he's transferred the vegetable side of the farm.

Other InformationEdit



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