Megan Williams
Megan Williams (Series 31)
Character Information
Year Group Year 6 (2008)
Occupation Student
Age 10-11 (Series 31)
Gender Female
Friends Serena Sulli
Alex Pickering
Production Information
First Episode Series 31 (Episode 7)
Last Episode Series 31 (Episode (17)
Series Series 31 (2008)
Number of Episodes 6
Played By Wenona Armstrong-Lowe

Megan Williams was a homeschooled Year 6 who had transitional visits to Grange Hill for Year 7, played by Wenona Armstrong-Lowe. Megan is the half-sister of Bryn Williams.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 31 (2008)Edit

Megan visits Grange Hill with Year 6's from St Hilda's. In the assembly hall, Serena Sulli and Megan say hi to each other and Megan moves to next to her. They introduce themselves to each other and Serena is puzzled as she's never seen Megan before and Megan explains to Serena that she isn't in Serena's class or attend her school. Chloe Moore and Andrea O'Malley say hi to Megan and Serena, who then ask if they are any good at fighting. Megan says she is OK and fights with her brother. Chloe says she has to do much better to survive at Grange Hill and she and Andrea will help them. Chloe introduces her and Andrea as Cassandra and Brittany. In the CLC, Miss Green, who has an amputated arm, leaves the Year 6's and Chloe says it's a relief that she used her good arm. Serena defends Miss Green by saying both her arms are good and that it shouldn't bother them. Chloe asks Megan if that's what she thinks and Megan says Miss Green isn't her teacher and that instead of going to school, she's taught at home. Chloe asks Serena and Megan who their buddy is and Serena tells it's Alex Pickering. Chloe convinces Megan and Serena to hand over their valuables as Alex will take them off them before he does them in. Chloe and Andrea promise to return them when they leave. Chloe trips Bryn up and Megan doesn't want Chloe to look after her stuff, but Chloe sarcastically says she should tell her teacher. Outside, Megan points out her brother Bryn to Serena, but he leaves when he notices Megan. At lunch, Megan and Serena sit on the same table as Bryn and Ducket, but Bryn is ignoring Megan. Ducket asks Megan if Bryn was like that in primary school and Megan tells Bryn that she doesn't go to school. Chloe and Andrea learn that Bryn is Megan's brother and Chloe tells Megan how Bryn gets kicked around everyday by Alex. Megan explains how she and Bryn get taught by their grandmother and Andrea asks about their parents and Megan says she and Bryn have different fathers whilst their mum works away a lot for charities. Megan later tells Serena she doesn't understand why Bryn made such a fuss as they've always been homeschooled and their gran said it was likely some kids would be funny about it. When Alex helps Sammy Lee with her contact lenses, Serena thinks Alex is poking her in the eye and runs off. Megan tells Alex when he returns that Serena has run off. Alex and Megan go to the CLC and Alex asks Megan if Serena said anything at all. Megan says she didn't, but Serena was scared as she believed Alex was being horrible and made threats. Megan later finds Bryn and apologises to him for showing him up. Megan asks Bryn if they are always horrid to him and that they might be now. Megan says they'll only be horrid if he lets them. Megan tells Bryn that there isn't much point of having a big brother in the school if he isn't going to help her. Later, Bryn tells Megan he never mentioned the homeschooling as it would give people another reason to have a go at him. Megan believes that it would be their problem and Bryn worries too much about what others think.

When Miss McIlroy catches Bryn playing a computer game in the CLC instead of doing work, Miss McIlroy gathers some pupils in the CLC and she informs them that she's signed all the Grange Hill computers up to the Red Bank Observatory ETH, which stands for extra terrestrial hunt. She tells them the programmes helps the Observatory look for messages from space and if you see a regular pattern, it could be from another planet. Later, Bryn notices a regular pattern on his screen and the lights flicker on and off as he is about to leave. The next morning, Bryn heads to Ducket's house and Megan asks Bryn why he is in such a rush and he tells her he told her why. Bryn calls through the letter box, calling to Ducket that he won't believe what happened the previous night and Megan says to herself that he definitely won't and she tells Bryn that Ducket has gone, but Bryn says he doesn't go without him. Megan suggests that Ducket is off sick. In the CLC, Bryn tries to convince Rachel that aliens have come to steal their mates due to Lucy and Ducket not being in school and taken onto space crafts for experiments. After school, Bryn heads to the vegetable garden and heads into a white tent, which was put up after Alex's garden was vandalised and Bryn finds Megan and she apologises to Bryn as he was playing a joke on him and both he and Rachel learn that Megan is Egman, with Egman being an anagram of her name. Megan tells Bryn that she was waiting for him outside the CLC and he'd forgotten that she was there, so she had to walk home by herself and later, he was going on about aliens, so she thought she'd wind him up a bit as he deserved it. Bryn asks about the beam and Megan says there was no beam and she made it up.

Megan arrives at Grange Hill and she tells Bryn to wait for her. Bryn asks her why she has to follow him around all the time and Megan says it's because she's going where he's going, plus she is his sister. Megan asks why he has to get so embarrassed and Bryn tells her that she's embarrassing. Megan joins the other Year 6's and she says hi to Serena and asks if she is OK. Megan asks Serena if she's got brothers and Serena has, so Megan asks what they are like and Serena says they are tall, noisy and much cleverer than her. Megan arrives in the CLC as she is taking part in the team technology project on building bridges. When Miss Bettany announces they will be working in teams of 4, everyone starts to get into groups and Bryn avoids Megan, but Mr McDonnell says he and Miss Bettany didn't say they'd be choosing their own teams. Outside, Megan is placed on the red team with Bryn, Lucy Johnson and Ducket and they are given red outfits to wear and Miss Bettany tells the 3 teams that the objective is to see how quickly and expertly each team can work together to find the tools and build a bridge across the amphitheatre. The teams are then given a coloured envelope with clues inside before heading off with a cart to find the tools. Whilst finding what they need, their cart gets stuck. Ducket is messing about whilst Lucy is sat in the cart and Bryn and Megan try to get the cart unstuck. Megan tells Bryn that he's not pushing the cart straight whilst Bryn tells Megan she isn't pulling straight. Megan then tells Lucy it would help if she climbed off and Lucy says to Megan that she is her leader as well as trying to work out the clue. Megan adds that she's been at it for 10 minutes and to let someone else have a go, so Lucy gives Megan the card to let her try as there is no way her stuck up ex-best friens and her new friend, referring to Rachel Towers and Jenny Young, are going to beat them. Megan says the clue is a head in the box and is totally obvious and Bryn sarcastically says it is and asks if she knows everything. Ducket then grabs the cart and pushes it down the hill with him and Lucy on it and at the bottom, Bryn says he knows at the clue is and Megan reckons it's a box in the head's office with their tools and stuff inside it and she worked it out 10 minutes ago. Bryn says that's too obvious and heads is a word they use aboard ships and boats for somewhere completely different. Later, Megan's team emerge from the toilets and Lucys says that was disgusting, but Bryn says it's true that they call toilets the head's on ships, but Lucy says he is off his head and Ducket tells Lucy she's off her trolley. Ducket takes the cart with him down the corridor and Bryn asks where he is going and Ducket informs the team that it's a screen, not a box, in the CLC. In the CLC, Ducket tells the team to spread out and check all the screens and Ducket explains to Miss McIlroy how the clue is a face on a computer screen, whuch means their things are in there. Ducket tells the team they've got to find it, but Miss McIlroy says that Miss Bettany has hidden nothing in the CLC and Bryn and Megan shake their heads. Megan's team then go to Miss Gayle's office and Megan waits outside whilst the others search inside the office. Lucy finds it on the chair and Bryn emerges with their stuff and puts it in the car and Megan tells Bryn that she told him it would be the head's office and that he should have listened to her in the first place. Bryn tells Megan well done. Lucy opens an envelope with another clue, which is a picture of a pair of stinking trainers. When the red team make their way to the changing room, they encounter Jake Briggs, Jenny Young and Clooney, who are the green team. Jenny asks what they are doing here and Lucy says they are going to pick up their last lot of gear from the changing rooms and the green team says that is where their stuff is too. Both teams then set off to get to their things first. When all 3 teams start to build their bridges in the amphitheatre, Megan tells Mr McDonnell that her team won, which the other teams disagree with her. Gyngell then tells Mr McDonnell that he thinks that he never gave them enough materials and Mr McDonnell says that's a good point, but Lucy says her team won and it's no contest and just to give them the treasure, but the other teams disagree. Mr McDonnell tells them to hold on as he made it clear that morning that it wasn't a competition, but technology, trust and teamwork and he begins to explain the reason why they can't make 3 seperate bridges, but Gyngell finishes it off and says there's only enough material to make 1 big, proper bridge. The 3 teams work together under Serena's instruction to build the bridge and once the bridge is built, Lucy and Rachel Towers test the bridge and they make friends again. Mr McDonnell then opens the treasure box, which has a teddy with an MP3 player around it and Mr McDonell asks who they think deserves it and everyone says Serena.

Megan arrives at the CLC with Bryn and Bryn asks Megan if she's made any friends yet. Megan says he knows she has with Serena, but Bryn means more than 1 and Megan says he means like him, sarcastically calling him Mr popular. Bryn says that's his point with being taught at home and having no friends when he started in Year 7, he was a target for bullies. Megan says she's got Serena, but Bryn asks what if Serena doesn't come to Grange Hill and she's got to make another friend as Grange Hill is a nightmare on your own. Serena approaches Megan and says hi, telling her that they've got to work in pairs and Miss Green said she could work with her. Miss Green then tells Year 6 that they've been asked to help build the CLC site and Miss McIlroy wants them to contribute to the page entitled 'A day in the life of Grange Hill', so they are all going to interview someone from the school. Serena asks who she and Megan are going to interview and Miss Green tells them the head girl, a really great person to get to know if they are coming to Grange Hill. Later, Megan asks Serena if she's definitely coming to Grange Hill, but Serena doesn't know as her parents are still trying to see if they can get her into a private school. Megan asks what private school and Serena says she told her that they are seeing if they can afford to send her there, but she doesn't want to go and wants to come to Grange Hill and stay with her friends. Megan realizes she might go and Serena says it's down to her mum and dad in the end. Megan and Serena interview Tanya Young and Tanya tells them that she does get nervous about speaking in front of the whole school, but she just imagines everyone in their pyjamas. Megan and Serena initially don't know what Tanya means, but she explains to them to just imagine everyone in their pyjamas and you'll realize they look daft and you have nothing to worry about. Megan says that's really cool and Tanya tells Megan that she can be her best friend next year and Serena asks about her, but Megan points out that Serena won't probably be here. Serena says she might be, but Megan tells Tanya that Serena might be going to a different school and she won't know anyone, but Tanya tells Megan not to worry about that as she'll still be at Grange Hill and she'll be her friend. Megan and Serena later show Tanya the article and Patrick "Togger" Johnson reads part of the article, which says Tanya is really cool and he tells Megan and Serena that he didn't realise it was a work of fiction. Tanya tells them it's really good and it looks like they've done a good job. Megan says she did most of the writing because Serena's dyslexic and she often covers for Serena for things like that. When Tanya leaves, Serena tells Megan that she can't believe she said that and she didn't go round telling everyone she was dyslexic and Megan knew that, but Megan says she only mentioned it. Serena also tells Megan that it's not even true and she did lots of the writing and Megan says some and Serena tells Megan she made her look small to impress Tanya. Later, Megan asks Serena what she said to Tanya and Serena said she told her the truth about how Megan has no friends because she doesn't go to school and she shows off by making things up. Megan says that's not true and Serena adds that she said that she wrote the article and not her and Megan says that's not true either. Serena says it's just as true as what she said and she thought Megan was her friend. In the CLC when Megan and Serena see each other, Serena faces away from her and Miss Green notices it. In the hall during the final of the Liverpool '08 concert, Miss Green tells Megan if she can see her outside for a moment and she asks Megan whats going on between her and Serena. Megan says she doesn't know, but Miss Green says she does as she's spoken to Tanya. Megan says she didn't mean to lie and say she did all the work and Miss Green asks why she did say it and Megan says it just came out as her brother said of she didn't make more friends, she'd get bullied. Megan also says she thought if she could be Tanya's friend, then Tanya would look after her because she is so nice plus Serena might not be coming to Grange Hill, so she asks what's the point of being friends with her. Miss Green tells Megan that she doesn't make friends with people just so they can help and Megan says that Serena told Tanya that she's a big liar and weird because she doesn't go to school. Year 6 wait in the CLC for their minibus and Miss Green asks Serena and Megan if she can see them. She tells them that she's disappointed with them as she had a complaint and Tanya comes in, telling Megan and Serena she had to speak with Miss Green about their behaviour during the concert. Tanya says that she saw Serena throwing sweets at other pupils from another school, but Serena says she never did and Megan says that Serena didn't throw anything as she would have seen her due to her being only a few seats away. Tanya says Megan would say that as she saw her picking her nose and wiping it on the person in front, but Megan says she wasn't and Serena defends her. Tanya tells Miss Green that Megan and Serena would say anything and they are acting like friends when everyone knows they're not and Megan says Serena is her friend and Serena says Megan is her best friend. Tanya says she'll have to leave it for Miss Green to sort out and Miss Green tells them they'll speak tomorrow. In a corner, Tanya tells Miss Green they are speaking again and Miss Green comments on how convincing Tanya was and she almost convinced her. Megan thanks Serena for sticking up for her and friends should fight for each other and not against. Megan then admits to Serena that she really did pick her nose and wipe it on the kid in front of her and she thought no one was looking.

Megan and Serena are in the CLC when Miss Green says hi to them. Bryn, Ducket, Lucy and Rachel then enter the CLC and tell Miss Green that they're the Year 8's that Mr McDonnell said could join in with them and Miss Green identifies Bryn as Megan's brother. Miss Green tells the Year 6's and Year 8's about the 20 words to describe your family challenge and anyone can have a go and all they need is something visual, something that's them like a picture or some photos and they are to get it scanned in. Miss Green tells them that they've got until 3 O'Clock and the Year 6's are to stay with her.

In the CLC, Serena is working on her online profile describing how she loves rabbits. Megan looks at the computer screen, but Serena sheilds it and tells Megan not to looks at it yet. Chloe comes in and she tells Serena to shift, but Megan points out that Serena was their first and Chloe says they shouldn't be in her school and calls them junior meths before telling them to move. Megan and Serena move out of their seats and Chloe starts to read out Serena's work, which has some spelling error, and Chloe laughs at it and Serena says she hasn't spell checked it and Megan tells Chloe that Serena's dyslexic. Chloe asks if that's a posh word for thick and Megan begins to explain something to Chloe, but Chloe sarcastically tells Serena to look dyslexia up in the dictionary and she then apologises because she realises Serena can't. Chloe then purposely crosses off Serena's work and she tells them that she deleted it, but it's probably for the best. In the toilets, Chloe tells Megan that she shouldn't be using the toilets and she should be using the special toilets in the special block, Chloe then tells Megan that she hangs around with Serena, referring to her as Spazzy, and that she's been causing trouble and she asks Megan if she put her up to it and Megan denies having anything to do with it and she hasn't said anything. Chloe says that Serena is her friend before asking Megan if she's heard the rumours on new kids getting their heads shoved down the toilets and if she is starting in September and Megan responds by nodding her head. Later, Chloe apologises to Serena after Miss Green had a word with Chloe and in the playground, Serena tells Megan that she knows she told Miss Green, but Megan says she's not saying anything and Serena says she did. Megan tells Serena how they stick up for each other.


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