I know that's where you said you'd be, but all the same, you could phone.
—Mrs Donnington to Calley after spending the night with her boyfriend and lies she was at Ronnie's
Mrs Donnington
Mrs Donnington (Series 13)
Character Information
Gender Female
Spouse Bill Donnington (Husband)
Children Calley Donnington (Adoptive Daughter)
Relationships Bill Donnington (Husband)
Production Information
First Episode Series 8 (Episode 7)
Last Episode Series 13 (Episode 4)
Series Series 8 (1985)
Series 11 (1988)
Series 13 (1990)
Number of Episodes 4
Played By Deirdre Costello

Mrs Donnington is the adoptive mother of Calley Donnington, played by Deirdre Costello. She made her first appearance in episode 7 of series 8 and made her last appearance in episode 4 of series 13.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 8 (1985)Edit

Episode 7Edit

Mrs Donnington tells someone one the phone if they continue to ring them, she will phone the police and she sends her daughter Calley Donnington to bed. Calley overhears her parents talk about the caller, who is her biological mother, and finds out she is adopted. They discuss that Calley should have been told and that she has a right to know. The next morning, Calley's father, Bill Donnington, tells her they need to talk and Calley reveals she knows she is adopted and asks about her birth mother. Calley meets her biological mother, Angela Selby, outside school and goes with her. Calley's parents phone the police when she doesn't return home and they panic about where she is.

Episode 19Edit

Calley talks about what she is going to do for Christmas dinner with Ronnie Birtles and Ronnie suggests having dinner at home with her parents and going to Angela's for tea. At the Christmas fair, Mrs Donnington tells Calley she has invited Angela for Christmas dinner.

Series 11 (1988)Edit

Episode 10Edit

Mrs Donnington arrives home to find a load of washing around the house. Calley tells her she and her friends are washing and drying other Grange Hill pupil's PE kits to earn a bit of money and will pay her for soap powder.

Series 13 (1990)Edit

Episode 4Edit

Calley goes home with Aichaa Rashim to get her an outfit for a photoshoot and she apologises to Mrs Donnington for not phoning the previous night and she was at Ronnie's. Calley promises to phone next time 


Series 8 (1985)

  • Series 8 (Episode 7)
  • Series 8 (Episode 19)

Series 11 (1988)

  • Series 11 (Episode 10)

Series 13 (1990)

  • Series 13 (Episode 4)


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