But I'm not gonna know what to do when I get out of bed with no school anymore.
—Paula to her friends when they leave school
Paula Webster
Paula Webster
Character Information
School Grange Hill
Year Group Year 11 (1994)
Lower 6th (1995)
Upper 6th (1996)
Occupation Student
Age 15-16 (Series 17)
16-17 (Series 18)
17-18 (Series 19)
Gender Female
Parents Mrs Webster (Mother)
Unnamed Father
Siblings Sarah-Jane Webster (Sister)
Kimberley Webster (Sister)
Friends Julie Corrigan
Becky Stevens
Jacko Morgan
Brian Shaw
Robyn Stone
Joe Williams
Lauren Phillips
Lucy Mitchell
Kelly Bradshaw
Relationships Joe Williams (Ex-Boyfriend)
Jerome (Crush On Her Side)
Production Information
First Episode Series 17 (Episode 5)
Last Episode Series 19 (Episode 20)
Series Series 17 (1994)
Series 18 (1995)
Series 19 (1996)
Number of Episodes 31
Played By Abigail Hart

Paula Webster was a student at Grange Hill from 1994 to 1996, played by Abigail Hart. She made her first appearance in episode 5 of series 17 and made her final appearance in episode 20 of series 19.

Paula is the daughter of Mrs Webster and the older sister of Sarah-Jane Webster and Kimberley Webster. Paula's friends are Julie Corrigan, Becky Stevens, Jacko Morgan, Brian Shaw, Robyn Stone, Gabriel, Denny, Joe Williams, Jerome, Lauren Phillips, Lucy Mitchell and Kelly Bradshaw. Her relationships include Joe and her crushes include Jerome.

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