Roland Browning
Roland Browning
Character Information
Nicknames Roly
School Grange Hill
Year Group First Year (1982)
Second Year (1983)
Third Year (1984)
Fourth Year (1985)
Fifth Year (1986)
Lower 6th (1987)
Occupation Student
Arcade Assistant
Age 11-12 (Series 5)
12-13 (Series 6)
13-14 (Series 7)
14-15 (Series 8)
15-16 (Series 9)
16-17 (Series 10)
Gender Male
Parents Mr Browning (Father)
Mrs Browning (Mother)
Best Friends Zammo McGuire
Jonah Jones
Kevin Baylon
Friends Fay Lucas
Janet St. Clair
Annette Firman
Jimmy Flynn
Belinda Zowkowski
Julie Marchant
Diane Cooney
Jackie Wright
Banksy Banks
Julian Fairbrother
Cheryl Webb
Relationships Fabiene (Ex-Girlfriend)
Production Information
First Episode Series 5 (Episode 1)
Last Episode Series 10 (Episode 24)
Series Series 5 (1982)
Series 6 (1983)
Series 7 (1984)
Series 8 (1985)
Series 9 (1986)
Series 10 (1987)
Number of Episodes 74
Played By Erkan Mustafa

Roland Browning was a student at Grange Hill from 1982 to 1987, played by Erkan Mustafa. He made his first appearance in episode 1 of series 5 and made his final appearance in episode 24 of series 10.

Roland is the son of Mr Browning and Mrs Browning. Roland's best friends are Zammo McGuire, Jonah Jones and Kevin Baylon and his friends are Fay Lucas, Janet St. Clair, Annette Firman, Jimmy Flynn, Belinda Zowkowski, Julie Marchant, Diane Cooney, Jackie Wright, Banksy Banks, Julian Fairbrother and Cheryl Webb. His relationships include Fabiene.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 5 (1982)Edit

When Roland began at Grange Hill he was bullied by Gripper Stebson causing him to bunk off. He and his mother, had a word with Mrs McClusky, and Roland started visiting an educational pyschologist.

Roland bunked of school again, due to a message written on the board by Gripper saying : Roland is a headcase ; He goes to a shrink. He was upset and got ran over by a car. Children from N1 made get well soon cards for Roland.

Series 6 (1983)Edit

Annette Firman had been taunting Roland about his weight, but he had also been unkind to Diane Cooney about her spots. Roland reported Annette to Mrs McClusky but Annette said that this was because he wasn't kind to Diane.

On a Welsh trip, Roland got lost and met the farmer, who taught him some Welsh. He also gave Roland a Welsh dictionary.

Series 7 (1984)Edit

Janet St. Clair noticed that Roland had started having school dinners. This was because his parents had seperated.

Roland made friends with a couple of bullies, and was caught red handed stealing Annette Firman's bike

Series 8 (1985)Edit

Series 9 (1986)Edit

Series 10 (1987)Edit



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