Series 12
Title Card (Series 11 to 12)
Series Information
Channel Children's BBC
Aired 3rd January 1989-10th March 1989
Number of Episodes 20
Previous Series Series 11
Next Series Series 13

Series 12 is the 12th series of Children's BBC Grange Hill which consisted of 20 episodes. Series 12 originally aired from 3rd January 1989 to 10th March 1989.

Student ArrivalsEdit

Student DeparturesEdit

Staff DeparturesEdit

Episodes Edit

# Episode
1 Episode One
2 Episode Two
3 Episode Three
4 Episode Four
5 Episode Five
6 Episode Six
7 Episode Seven
8 Episode Eight
9 Episode Nine
10 Episode Ten
11 Episode Eleven
12 Episode Twelve
13 Episode Thirteen
14 Episode Fourteen
15 Episode Fifteen
16 Episode Sixteen
17 Episode Seventeen
18 Episode Eighteen
19 Episode Nineteen
20 Episode Twenty

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