Series 30
Title Card (Series 27 to 30)
Series Information
Channel CBBC
Aired 16th January 2007-22nd March 2007
Number of Episodes 20
Previous Series Series 29
Next Series Series 31

Series 30 is the 30th series of CBBC's Grange Hill, which consisted of 20 episodes. Series 30 originally aired from 16th January 2007 to 22nd March 2007.

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  • Miss Gayle

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# Episode
1 Episode One

Togger and Tigger are arguing as Tigger is suppose to walk their sister Lucy to Grange Hill for her first day. Kathy is taking driving lessons, but she crashes the car into the school gates. Meanwhile, Jeremy wonders if he stands a chance with Emma. Mooey and Max are telling Year 7's about tolls they are implementing, which means charging them to cross the playground and Chloe, who has a crush on Max, thinks it's brilliant. Tanya is trying to locate Emma. Jenny, the half-sister of Karen and Tanya, who is also a new Year 7, tells best friend Jake she'll probably be compared to Tanya and Karen. Alex premade his smoothies at home and due to Tigger and Ed jumping on his back, the smoothie mix ends up on their blazers. Tanya finally finds Emma, who shows Tanya a black eye, the result of a fight between her and her mum. Mooey and Max are determined to pay Alex back for the water bombs at the end of last term and Mooey pushes trays of smoothies on the floor. A fight occurs between Lucy and Jenny, but their older siblings step in to break it up.

First Appearances:  Lewis Rainer as Ross Duncan, Sacha Parkinson as Anna Duncan, Will Rush as Ali Duncan, Joe Slack as Bryn Williams, Lucien Laviscount as Jake Briggs, Daisy McCormick as Lucy Johnson, Grace Cassidy as Rachel Towers and Naomi Ritchie as Jenny Young

2 Episode Two

On their way to school, Tigger provokes a dog outside the gypsy camp, which ends up chasing him. Abel tells Togger that Andy Turner is still absent from school after cutting his foot on coral and Lucy thinks it's typical of boys to whinge. The dog ends up at the school and frightens Tanya and Emma, but new boy Kyle tells the dog to go. Bryn thanks Ali for helping getting his bag back, but Ali just shrugs his shoulders. Chloe overhears Eleanor, Donnie and Holly's plans to have a surprise 18th birthday for Baz. Emma seems pleased that Kyle is in their tutor group, but Jeremy is slightly jealous. Lucy and Rachel are fed up of Bryn's "Why is Greenland called Greenland when it isn't even Green?" questions. To wind Togger up, Jeremy sends in a request to the school radio for a slushy song to Tanya under Togger's name. Karen has decided to start running a dance class to put something on her UCAS form, but none of her friends seem keen on the idea. Tanya hears the message on the radio and she thinks it's Togger's idea of a joke. Karen places some posters for her dance class in the Year 9 class, but Chloe says they aren't coming as she thinks the 6th formers are only interested when they need their money. When Emma and Kyle leave school premises at lunch, Emma learns that Kyle lives on the gypsy camp.

First Appearance:  Danny Miller as Kyle Brown

3 Episode Three
Eleanor tries to help Kathy prepare for her upcoming driving test whilst Karen asks Taylor to help set up the hall for the dance class. Tanya tells Emma that she has become obsessed with Kyle. Taylor catches Kyle on the roof. Meanwhile, Ed shows Tigger his vanishing act with a coin, but they are suppose to be helping Alex move his smoothie things. Ed and Tigger want 5% and Alex agrees. Holly sees Baz talking to Year 9 Anna, but Karen reassures her Baz isn't a player as he dated her ex-best friend Maddie and sister Tanya and they dumped him. Tanya isn't happy when Kyle says he could come in late due to a fair and Mrs Bassinger was fine with it. Max is still recieving mysterious texts and he thinks Eleanor is behind them. Togger decides to move on from Tanya and sets his sights on Anna. Karen's dance club starts off with little interest, but Baz brings the football team and their girlfriends whilst Jeremy brings the chess club. Baz dances with Anba, which annoys Holly and she demands to speak to Baz when she believes they are exchanging numbers and they clear the air. Later in the kitchens, Mooey takes the £15 Alex made from his smoothies.
4 Episode Four

Mooey kicks a ball through the window, angering Mr McDonnell whilst Anna has bought her javelin into school to show her technique to younger kids and she reveals to Togger that she is a county champion. Karen is desperate for more people to join the dance club, so she asks her sister Tanya to help in exchange for some earrings and necklace. 

First Appearance:  Cathy Tyson as Miss Gayle

Final Appearance:  Chris Crookall as Andy Turner

5 Episode Five

Final Appearance:  Thomas Hudson as Barry "Baz" Wainwright

6 Episode Six
7 Episode Seven

Final Appearance:  Sacha Parkinson as Anna Duncan

8 Episode Eight
9 Episode Nine
10 Episode Ten
11 Episode Eleven

Final Appearance:  Danny Miller as Kyle Brown

12 Episode Twelve
13 Episode Thirteen
Taylor is late letting the cleaners in and Kathy arrives early to catch up on coursework. Tigger and Ed try to find Cuddles and decide to try and catch Baz's ghost. Jenny impresses Jake with her mind reading app. Max and Mooey get Alex to sell raffle tickets and Martin wakes up Kathy, who fell asleep. Karen, Eleanor and Tanya discuss their night out before and Kathy can't remember what happened. Alison and Sammy are impressed by Tigger and Ed's mind reading and Alex intimidates Bryn into selling the raffle tickets and getting prizes, but is unimpressed by the prizes. Jenny and Jake set Ed a mind reading challenge and claim he is a liar when he changes what he was thinking of when they get it right. Emma gets a letter from Kyle. Miss Gayle takes Year 11 for PSE on pregnancy. Tanys informs Togger of Emma's pregnancy. Max threatens Alex over the raffle prizes and Tigger and Ed set up cameras to catch Baz's ghost. Togger asks Tanya out on a date. 
14 Episode Fourteen
Tanya is eating a bag full of sweets on her way to school to prove to Karen that Emma has an eating disorder whilst Togger tells Tigger to sort things out with Lucy and Cuddles. Max throws an MP3 player from Chloe away and Tanya shows Karen the bag of wrappers. Kathy arrives at school in a short skirt and make up and has her driving test. Tigger, Ed, Alison and Sammy watch the cameras for Cuddles and Chloe spreads the rumour that Emma is bullimic after hearing the 6th formers talk about it. Martin suggests Emma could be pregnant when the 6th formers discuss her bullimia. Kathy passes her driving test whilst Tigger shows his friends footage of a ball moving on it's own and they suspect it's Baz's ghost. Tanya pleads with Emma to tell someone about hef pregnancy and she goes to Miss Gayle's office to ask where Kyle is, but Mr McDonnell informs her she is away and Tanya calls Emma's mum. After persuasion from Eleanor, Kathy agrees to celebrate passing her driving test. Donnie goes after Togger in football, resulting in Togger getting a bruised face. Tigger suggests to his friends they break into the school to catch Baz's ghost. Emma and Tanya fight when Tanya admits calling her mum in and Emma tells her mum she is pregnant. Tanya blames Togger for telling people about Emma's pregnancy.
15 Episode Fifteen
Tigger, Ed, Alison and Sammy distract Taylor with a remote control car to get his keys. Tanya and Emma make up and Tigger, Ed, Alison and Sammy discuss their plan. Kathy was locked in a toilet all night after getting drunk and she learns from Mrs Rawlinson she recieved a C on a recent essay and that her mum phoned the school about Kathy's work. Tanya and Emma argue again. Tigger, Ed, Alison and Sammy go through with their plan, but are soon caught by Taylor and Kathy goes to a party and does her work. She ends up drunk and Donnie takes her home. The next day, Kathy walks out of her exam, Emma decides to give her mum a chance and Tanya finds out Togger didn't tell anyone about Emma. Taylor decides not to take things further with Tigger, Ed, Alison and Sammy and he shows them Cuddles, who happens to be female and has had babies. Kathy tells Karen and Tanya that she thinks she spent the night with Donnie and took emergency contraception after finding Donnie's watch in her bed.
16 Episode Sixteen
Kathy returns Donnie's watch to him and she tries to ask him if they slept together and Alex returns to school. Miss Gayle warns the school in assembly not to spread the rumour that Baz's ghost is haunting the school and Donnie shows the trophy that will be presented at the end of the year in Baz's honour. Miss Gayle has decided to phone in Kathy's mum. Alison figures out Alex was off due to him getting bullied and Alex promises to tell her if things get worse. Chloe decides she hates Max and to make him find out how much. Mooey and Max tell Alex they need to restart the raffle. Emma and Tanya bunk off, Ross injures his leg in dance rehearsal and Max offers to be her partner whilst Bryn threatens Alex. Bryn is nervous when he sees Alex at lunch and Chloe and Andrea plan to get Max's phone. Kathy leaves school to go to the clinic, but encounters her mother and Donnie chases after her to tell her she doesn't need to go. In her office, Miss Gayle informs Mrs McIlroy that Kathy walked out of an exam and Kathy admits she had to take the morning after pill. Chloe takes a photo of Max posing in the changing room after she can't get his phone and Miss Gayle suspends Donnie for misleading Kathy about sleeping together.
17 Episode Seventeen
18 Episode Eighteen
19 Episode Nineteen
20 Episode Twenty

Donnie and Togger are allowed in school for the last day. Alex returns after his suspension. Donnie presents the trophy to Togger in assembly and apologise to Togger for blaming him for causing Baz's death. Alison tells Alex to explain things to Ed, Tigger and Bryn. Emma slaps Jeremy when he makes out Kyle made her feel used and dirty. Kathy decides not to apply for Oxbridge. Emma gives Mr McDonell a letter to send to Kyle and Tigger and Ed make up with Alex. Alex then apologises to Bryn. Bryn later starts throwing leftovers around the school at lunch and he and Ali are told off. At the prom, Emma tells Tanya her mum is going to Indonesia. Tigger fancies Alison, but fails to go to her. Kathy decides to go to Leeds University with Martin. Jeremy apologises to Emma. Max and Mooey are thrown out by Mr McDonell. Tanya and Togger's kiss is interrupted by Emma, who tells Tanya her dad is coming to see her with his new family. The 6th formers say goodbye and Emma tells Tanya she never went through with the abortion.

Final Appearances:  Matthew Buckley as Martin Miller, James Wignall as Max Humphries, Reece Noi as Taylor Mitchell, Rob Norbury as Donnie Briscoe, Holly Quin-Ankrah as Karen Young, Amber Hodgkiss as Eleanor Smith, Lewis Rainer as Ross Duncan, Max Friswell as Jeremy Bishop, Jonathan Dixon as Mooey Humphries, Daniella Fray as Emma Bolton, Will Rush as Ali Duncan and Cathy Tyson as Miss Gayle