Series 5 (Episode 3)
Series 5 (Episode 3)
Episode Information
Series Series 5
Aired 12th January 1982
Writer Jane Hollowood
Director Anthea Browne-Wilkinson
Previous Episode Episode 2
Next Episode Episode 4

Episode 3 is the 3rd episode of Series 5. It originally aired 12th January 1982.



  • Brian Capron as Mr Hopwood
  • Michael Cronin as Mr Baxter
  • Susan Porrett as Mrs Thomas
  • Gwyneth Powell as Mrs McClusky
  • Christine Akehurst as Mrs Cartwright
  • Jennifer Piercey as Mrs Scott
  • Iain Rattrav as Mr Cartwright
  • René Alperstein as Pamela Cartwright
  • Mark Baxter as Duane Orpington
  • Paula Ann Bland as Claire Scott
  • Joanne Boakes as Anita Unsworth
  • Mark Burdis as Stewpot Stewart
  • Julian Griffiths as Denny Rees
  • Dulice Liecier as Precious Matthews
  • Peter Moran as Pogo Patterson
  • Nicholas Pandolfi as Matthew Cartwright
  • Ashley Pollock as Richard Rowley
  • Mark Savage as Gripper Stebson
  • Susan Tully as Suzanne Ross

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