Series 6 (Episode 5)
Series 6 (Episode 5)
Episode Information
Series Series 6
Aired 18th January 1983
Writer Margaret Simpson
Director Carol Wilks
Previous Episode Episode 4
Next Episode Episode 6

Episode 5 is the 5th episode of Series 6. It originally aired 18th January 1983.



  • Jenny Twigge as Mrs McGuire
  • Lucinda Gane as Miss Mooney
  • Jennie Stoller as Miss Saunders
  • Robert Hartley as Mr Keating
  • Drew Dawson as Chip SHop Owner
  • Rachel Davies as Mrs Jones
  • Stanley Lebor as Mr Durrant
  • James Fleet as Mr Perkins
  • Alison Bettles as Fay Lucas
  • Nadia Chambers as Annette Firman
  • Julian Griffiths as Denny Rees
  • Lee MacDonald as Zammo McGuire
  • Erkan Mustafa as Roland Browning
  • Simone Nylander as Janet St. Clair
  • Mark Savage as Gripper Stebson
  • Kaka Singh as Randir Singh
  • Lee Sparke as Jonah Jones
  • Julie-Ann Steel as Diane Cooney
  • Lisa York as Julie Marchant
  • Joanne Bell as Sarah Wilks
  • Anita Savage as Mandy Firth
  • Vincent Matthews as Jeremy Irvine
  • John Drummond as Barry
  • John Giletti as Pete
  • Karl Lines as Simon
  • Nigel Tomlinson as Darren
  • Deborah O'Beirne as Girl

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