Series 6 (Episode 6)
Series 6 (Episode 6)
Episode Information
Series Series 6
Aired 21st January 1983
Writer Margaret Simpson
Director Kenny McBain
Previous Episode Episode 5
Next Episode Episode 7

Episode 6 is the 6th episode of Series 6. It originally aired 21st January 1983.



  • Michael Graham Cox as Mr Butterworth
  • Simon Haywood as Mr Smart
  • Lucinda Gane as Miss Mooney
  • Harvey Hillyer as Brian
  • Martin Murphy as Kevin
  • Henry Moxon as Shopkeeper
  • Jean Ainslie and Joanna Field as Tea Room Ladies
  • Billie Love and Lizzie McKenzie as Women In Street
  • Paddy Ward as Man In Street
  • Nadia Chambers as Annette Firman
  • Terry Kinsella as Jimmy Flynn
  • Lee MacDonald as Zammo McGuire
  • Keith Meade as Terry Mitchell
  • Erkan Mustafa as Roland Browning
  • Simone Nylander as Janet St. Clair
  • Lee Sparke as Jonah Jones
  • Julie-Ann Steel as Diane Cooney
  • Lisa York as Julie Marchant
  • Anna Hayes as Julia
  • David Belham, Keith McBride, Robert Morrow and Mike Smart as Boys In Transport Cafe