Series 9 (Episode 14)
Series 9 (Episode 14)
Episode Information
Series Series 9
Aired 21st February 1986
Writer Margaret Simpson
Director David Bell
Previous Episode Episode 13
Next Episode Episode 15

Episode 14 is the 14th episode in Series 9. It originally aired on 21st February 1986. It was repeated 21 December 2015 on BBC Four part of Retro Kids' TV.


Zammo McGuire goes to the arcade and asks Roland Browning for £50 and after persuasion, Roland agrees to give it him at lunchtime. Mr Glover tells Julia Glover not to take her big sweater to Laura's father's,  although he is unaware of where she is really going. Mrs Reagan is disappointed about not getting the head of PE job. Roland gives Zammo the money. Laura Reagan and Julia leave Laura's mum's and Mrs Reagan tells Miss Partridge that she must've done something right when she compares her and Laura's relationship to Julia's and her parents. Laura admits to Julia she feels terrible about lying. Laura gets soaked by a car. Roland is given a message about the bike being moved to pass onto Zammo. Roland admits to Des he lent Zammo £50 from the machines. After sorting herself out in a pub, Laura and Julia get chatted up by 2 boys, but they see them off. Zammo returns with only £43 and Zammo goes through to the back. Laura and Julia end up at the wrong address and have the wrong postal district. Mr Glover and Mrs Glover are suspicious of what Julia is up to when she takes her sweater and fails to leave a contact number and decide to visit Mrs Reagan. Laura and Julia are disappointed when they arrive at the party with the turnout and that the boys don't have Swedish accents, so they decide to go home. Mrs Reagan and the Glover's wait for Laura and Julia to come home and Mrs Reagan admits that Julia was drunk the last time she stayed with her as she and Laura went to a party. Laura and Julia return, but Julia and Mr Glover argue and Julia refuses to go home and Laura apologises to her mum. Roland and Des find Zammo slumped in the back room with heroin.


  • Lucinda Curtis as Mrs Reagan
  • Karen Lewis as Miss Partridge
  • Vincent Brimble as Mr Glover
  • Sarah Nash as Mrs Glover
  • Phil Rowlands as Des
  • Ric Morgan as Engineer
  • Lee Macdonald as Zammo McGuire
  • Erkan Mustafa as Roland Browning
  • Fiona Mogridge as Laura Reagan
  • Sara McGlasson as Julia Glover
  • Paul Vincent as Doug
  • Mike Smart as Howard
  • Tracey Willmott as Tamsin
  • Adam Armstrong as Steven Glover
  • David Gavin as Young Man in Pub
  • Alan Austen as Young Man in Pub
  • Justin Pledger as Sven
  • Justin Gorman as Eric
  • Alan Justice as Pete
  • Antony Spanswick Smith as Victor
  • Martin Tempest as Boy in Arcade
  • Nikki Stoter as Boy in Arcade

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