Simon Shaw
Simon Shaw
Character Information
School Grange Hill
Year Group First Year (1979)
Occupation Student
Age 11-12 (Series 2)
Gender Male
Friends Tucker Jenkins
Benny Green
Alan Humphries
Joseph "Hughesy" Hughes
Trisha Yates
Production Information
First Episode Series 2 (Episode 1)
Last Episode Series 2 (Episode 9)
Series Series 2 (1979)
Number of Episodes 7
Played By Paul Miller

Simon Shaw was a student at Grange Hill in 1979, played by Paul Miller.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 2 (1979)Edit

At first Simon is shown to be keen at football. But as the episodes progress he is shown to be more than just that. He takes an initiation to become one of Tucker's Tremblers but it goes wrong when they accidentally start a fire. Simon falls and gets knocked out but he luckily gets away. After this he starts a friendship with Trisha Yates because she has to get him up in the mornings as his parents go to work. Gary Hargreaves, Trisha's Boyfriend doesn't like this so he gives Simon a false message that she no longer wants to. Trisha finds out and reassures Simon that the message wasn't true. Later on Trisha finds out that Simon can't read and tries to help him. During one of their reading sessions Simon thanks her by kissing her on the cheek and cheekily runs off. As his reading gets worse Trisha realises that he needs help even if he doesn't want it. She tells Mr Sutcliffe and they find Simon after he runs out of an English class. Mr Sutcliffe recognises that Simon suffers dyslexia and he needs to be sent to a special school to be taught at his level. When this is going on Simon is recognised as the boy who started the fire but he doesn't snitch on his friends. On his last day he gets involved with a prank that backfires on Trisha as Cathy fights her. His last appearance was when he asks Trisha if she was all right after the commotion.



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