Tanya Young
Tanya Young (Series 31)
Character Information
Nicknames Tannoy
School Grange Hill School
Year Group Year 7 (2003)
Year 8 (2004)
Year 9 (2005)
Year 10 (2005)
Year 11 (2007)
Lower 6th (2008)
Occupation Student
Age 11-12 (Series 26)
12-13 (Series 27)
13-14 (Series 28)
14-15 (Series 29)
15-16 (Series 30)
16-17 (Series 31)
Gender Female
Parents Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Unnamed Step-Father
Siblings Karen Young (Step-Sister)
Jenny Young (Half-Sister)
Best Friends Emma Bolton
Annie Wainwright
Friends Togger Johnson
Abel Benson
Jeremy Bishop
Andy Turner
Relationships Baz Wainwright (Ex-Boyfriend)
Jeremy Bishop (Ex-Boyfriend)
Togger Johnson (Boyfriend)
Production Information
First Episode Series 26 (Episode 1)
Last Episode Series 31 (Episode 20)
Series Series 26 (2003)
Series 27 (2004)
Series 28 (2005)
Series 29 (2005)
Series 30 (2007)
Series 31 (2008)
Number of Episodes 101
Played By Kirsten Cassidy

Tanya Young is a student at Grange Hill School from 2003 to 2008, played by Kirsten Cassidy. She made her first appearance in episode 1 of series 26 and made her last appearance in episode 20 of series 31.

Tanya is the younger step-sister of Karen Young and the older half-sister of Jenny Young. Tanya's best friends are Emma Bolton and Annie Wainwright and her friends are and her friends are Togger Johnson, Abel Benson, Jeremy Bishop, Andy Turner and Lucy. Her relationships include Baz Wainwright, Jeremy and Togger.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 26 (2003)Edit

Tanya arrives at Grange Hill as a new Year 7 and immediatly broke the school rules on uniform by wearing a fake piercing. When Year 7 were being assigned their new classes, Togger launched elastic bands at Tanya. Togger arrived late to registration and he or Tanya weren't pleased when they had to sit together. Tanya soon makes friends with fellow classmates, Emma Bolton and Annie Wainwright.

Tanya arrives late to registration, wearing lip balm. Miss Dyson thinks it is lipstick, but tells her to take it off in the changing rooms. Tanya tells her she requires lip balm for medical reasons and Miss Dyson agrees for her to wear it, but she needs a doctor's note confirming her condition. In PE, Emma tells Tanya that she has loads of make up and will give Tanya some.

Tanya wears blue eye gems to school and tries to shield them from Miss Dyson. However, Miss Dyson notices them and tells Tanya to remove them. Tanya isn't impressed about having to remove her eye gems as they don't hurt other people. Emma gives Tanya some lipstick and she is about to put some on when Miss Dyson catches her. The lipstick is confiscated and Tanya is sent to Mr Walker. Miss Dyson later has a chat with Tanya and she decides to forget about Tanya seeing Mr Walker.

Tanya auditions for the school drama club and does a piece from Macbeth and Tanya is successful.

On the day of the school photo, Tanya is determined to wear make up, so she gives Miss Dyson the impression that she has learnt her lesson. Tanya tells Emma that all they have to do is go to the toilets before the photo so they can apply the make up. In afternoon registration, Annie and Tanya go to the toilets and their plan is successful until Togger flicks another elastic band at Tanya. Miss Dyson takes Tanya to wipe the make up off.

Tanya sets a bet with Togger that she can prove the school is haunted. Tanya and Emma get a book out of the library and they tell Togger, Abel Benson and Andy Turner what they should do if a ghost takes their belongings. In their form room, Tanya gets Togger, Abel and Andy to stand on one leg, hold a pink flower and chant 'mystery sprite, mystery sprite, return to us what's ours by right'. Tanya places penny's on top of the lockers and mashes some bananas. Tanya is sticking money down on the floor, but she reckons it'll be worth it when the boys think there's an actual ghost.

Year 7 are suppose to make pancakes, but their cooking teacher, Mrs Knuckle, goes to check on another class who are causing a lot of noise. Tanya and Togger reckon they could both make a pancake and eat it before Mrs Knuckle returns and the whole class end up having a food fight.

Tanya, Emma and Annie are watching footage of the tank room with Togger, Abel and Andy as they think someone is living up there. They are suprised when they see someone enter and wonder what they should do. They decide to go up and they chase a kid out and they find him in the boys toilets. The boy calls himself Tranter and Tanya and the rest of her friends decide to keep quiet about him.

Tanya arrives at school wearing bright orange extensions. Miss Dyson gives Tanya until the following day to arrange for them to be taken out. Whilst Tanya talks to Togger, Emma plants Tanya's make up bag in Annie's bag. Also, Tanya has managed to finally get her hands on Karen's journal. Karen warns Tanya away from Annie as she suspects Annie's brother, Baz Wainwright is doing drugs. Maddie Gilks overhears Tanya, Emma and Annie discuss the content of Karen's journal, including Karen fancying Baz.

Tranter isn't feeling well, so they all decide to give him something to eat. When Annie checks if she has anything, Tanya finds the make up bag and accuses Annie of stealing it. Meanwhile, Karen is on the warpath and is trying to track down Tanya and her journal. When Karen finds her, she and Tanya end up fighting with the hair extensions being removed as well. Mr Robson breaks up the fight between Tanya and her sister and he sends them to his office. In Art, Annie is still trying to convince Tanya she didn't take her make up bag.

Tranter is still ill and Tanya thinks it's time that they told someone about him and that being in care would be better than living in the tank room. The next day, Tanya tells Togger that the 5 of them have to see Mr Robson. Mr Robson decides to phone Tanya, Emma, Togger, Abel and Andy's parents because they didn't tell anyone about Tranter and that he was living in a dangerous part of the school. Tanya decides to set up a campaign to get Tranter in Grange Hill.

Tanya arrives late to regestration and she has rolled up her top. Tanya argues with Miss Dyson and she is sent out into the corridor to think. Miss Dyson later talks to Tanya, telling her not to be in such a rush to grow up and gives her another copy of the school rules. Miss Dyson also warns Tanya that she could end up being temporarily excluded.

Tanya decides to take the school rules literally, starting by walking the whole way around the school to get to her history lesson with Mrs Bassinger, which is only across from her form room. When Mrs Bassinger tells Emma and Tanya they have to share a book, Tanya points out that will be theft and Annie backs up Tanya's protest. Tanya thanks Annie and they soon make friends again. Tanya's next protest is by wearing all her school things, including her PE kit and during the fire drill, Miss Dyson tells Tanya to change once inside.

Tanya decides to give Annie another chance and Tanya is yet again late for registration. She uses the school rule on not running as her excuse for being late. Since Tanya is keen on following the school rules, Miss Dyson tells Tanya that she can hold the doors open for people as that is part of the school rules.

Tanya, Emma and Annie join Togger's pants game where someone has to complete a challenge and they get the pants. In cooking, Emma takes the pants from Andy's bag and Tanya decides to cover the pants in pastry. When it comes to grading the class pies, Togger and Abel have eaten theirs, so Tanya gives them one with the pants. In the next cooking class, Mr Robson is supervising and Tanya devises a plan to get them back. Tanya and Emma cause a diversion whilst Annie retrieves them, but Togger, not wanting the girls to get the pants, gives Annie away.

On the day of the Art trip, Emma still reckons Annie is being abused but Tanya tells Emma that Annie knows where they sre if she needs them. The following day at schook, Emma tells Togger and Abel that she reckons Annie is being abused and Tanya finds herself in the middle of Emma and Annie's argument. Tanya tells Emms that she likes Annie and wants to be her friend.

Series 27 (2004)Edit

Tanya and Annie catch up about what they did over the summer. Tanya was suprised that after Baz's accident, Annie had to stay with her aunt as her mum didn't offer. Annie is convinced people are talking about her, but Tanya thinks she is just being paranoid. In class, Annie overhears Emma telling Jeremy about Annie's family situation and that she didn't bother with Tanya. Tanya tells Emma to stop gossiping about Annie.

Tanya catches Emma researching bipolar and asks why she is looking at it. Emma says that Annie could have inheritated it, but Tanya believes that Emma is determined to cause trouble. Tanya and Annie decide to wear chicken claw jewellery as the boys can go around with chicken claws.

Tanya and Annie are working on an art presentation. On the day of the presentation, Tanya and Annie are suppose to meet early to go over their presentation, but Annie is late. Tanya and Annie are first to do their presentation, but Annie's notes are in a mess and Miss Dyson tells them they'll have to do it another time.

Series 28 (2005)Edit

Tanya's braided hair and air brush tattoo angers teachers, including Mr Malachy and Mrs Bassinger.

Aswell, Tanya starts her own blog and starts e-mailing french exchange student, Jean. She decides to meet Jean in person on the french exchange trip, but is banned from it when she does a radio broadcast where she insults the staff about their looks.

Tanya is excited when Jean says he'll come to meet her, so Tanya sneaks away from the bike ride. Tanya is met by a friend of Jean's, Simpn, who appears OK, but Tanya is suspicious when Jean's number rings on his phone. Tanya runs away from him, but Simon drags her into the back of his van. However, Togger switched the signs and Tanya was rescued by Togger and her friends.

After the incident, Tanya blames herself when unsupervised internet access is banned. After Tanya hears people talking about how it wasn't fair the ban was and what she did was stupid, she airs a broadcast to set the record straight.

Tanya goes on the adventure trip, but Togger and Andy Turner accidentally scare her by putting up a cardboard person above her bed. Tanya is later scared when she's lost in the maize maze, but Togger finds her.

Back at school, Tanya recieves an e-mail off a girl named Lucy. She tells her sister, Karen and doesn't know if she is real or not. Karen shows the e-mail to Mrs Bassinger, who later confirms to Tanya that Lucy is real. Tanya is gutted when she realises the police can't do anything unless Lucy comes forward. Tanya asks Lucy to meet her at Grange Hill.

Lucy meets Tanya and they both talk about what happened to then. Lucy is angry and upset when the police turn up at the school, but Tanya persuades Lucy to tell them what happened to her.

At the film premiere of My Fair Lady, Tanya finds out that Simon had been charged.

Series 29 (2005)Edit

Tanya wears a pump up bra to school, which attracts attention from the students and teachers. Miss Adams tells Tanya that strutting her stuff was inappropriate and advised her not to wear the bra tomorrow.

Tanya gets landed with 4 hours of detention after disrupting the PE lesson by wearing a tracksuit bottom. Togger volunteers him and Tanya to help with the 6th formers DVD project, however they aren't pleased when they learn it's a wedding DVD and they are the bride and groom. 

On the day when Tanya and Togger are to start on the project, Emma notices Tanya's perfume is strong and she's wearing her best bra and Tanya denies she made a special effort for Togger.

When Mrs Bassinger comes to check on Dawn O'Malley and Kat Simpson's project, Tanya is confused when Mrs Bassinger goes on about her being elected. Kat and Dawn tell her she probably meant Tanya's nomination to the school council. Tanya isn't pleased when they show her that Togger nominated her for the school council.

Tanya starts to get mad when Togger is late and she still can't believe Togger nominated her. Emma thinks Tanya will be perfect, but Tanya thinks someone like Jeremy would get all the votes. Emma tells her that Jeremy withdrew his nomination when he heard that she was nominated and he said that she'd get the girl's vote because they'd look forward to her causing trouble and the boy's because of her pump up bra.

Emma tries to ask Mrs Bassinger if some money from the enterprise scheme could be donated to help rebuild damaged buildings in Indonesia after the tsunami,  Tanya clarifies what Emma was asking and points out it would be great publicity for the school.

Togger still hasn't turned up and Tanya knew Togger would do that. Mrs Bassinger asks where Togger is and Tanya tells her he stood her up. Tanya tells Emma that if Togger doesn't turn up, then they'll get normal detention. Tanya reckons Togger is doing this to her because he hates her. Tanya asks Dawn and Kat to put in a good word with Mr Malachy as she turned up. Mr Malachy questions Togger's absence and he suggests to Tanya she can marry Martin Miller, which Tanya isn't happy with. There is little enthusiasm between Martin and Tanya and Mrs Bassinger interrupts, stating Martin isn't Togger and she stops them filming.

When Togger returns back to school, Tanya gives Togger a mouthful about standing her up and nominating her for the school council. She also accuses Togger of making up Abel Benson and Andy Turner being stuck in a shed with a tiger to avoid getting in trouble. Mrs Bassinger decides Togger will take on Tanya's detentions.

Tanya is surprised when she discovers she won the election when she didn't try and get any votes. Togger's plan backfires on him when Tanya is pleased she has the power to change things. Tanya says she is going to organise a non uniform day and Jeremy suggests to Tanya everyone can pay for the privilege. Tanya says she could buy a new outfit, but Jeremy said he meant the money would be for charity.

Tanya is preparing for the school council meeting and she has revenge planned for Togger. At the school council meeting, Tanya tells Mr Malachy she only wants to discuss school uniform, but he points out they have a procedure. When it get's to Tanya, 6th former Eleanor Smith is hostile towards Tanya. Tanya tells Emma that the school council was useless as she could only speak at certain times and everyone disagrees with what you say. Togger's revenge from Tanya is telling Mrs Bassinger about fixing the toilet problem. Togger is annoyed with Tanya.

Tanya plans to make a protest in PE with the other girls in her class. They turn up to Mr McDonnell's lesson in ankle lenght skirts to make the point that the school has Victorian attitudes towards the PE kit. Mr McDonnell is furious, but Tanya reminds him of the school rules in the handbook, which doesn't specify a lenght. Mr McDonnell looses patience and Mrs Bassinger arrives, but before she can take action, smoke is pouring out of the incinerator.

As the boy's board the coach to go to the football match, Tanya and Baz exchange smiles. Also, Tanya is preparing for her school council meeting and Mrs Bassinger warns her not to slip up. At the meeting, Tanya puts forward her argument of girl's being allowed to wear tracksuit bottoms and she felt she had to take the action because no one was listening. Miss Bassinger tells Tanya if she behaves and if more than 70% of the girl's agree, then she will put the idea to the governors.

Tanya starts a relationship with Annie's brother, Baz. Emma is desperate to tell Tanya her news, but Tanya is busy texting or smiling to Baz. When Emma announces she's leaving to Indonesia because her mum's boyfriend, Robin, has been offered a job out there, Tanya is shocked, but she is also wrapped up in her own problems. Tanya asks Baz if he could talk to Emma, but Emma wasn't receptive and she stormed off.

Emma wonders what it would be like if she ran away. Tanya didn't think anything of it until Emma turned up with a rucksack of her belongings. Tanya is concerned because Emma didn't have money or food. To give Emma time to think, she stay's with Tanya and her family. Tanya feels pressured when Baz want's to spend more time with her on her own, but Emma needs her. Tanya rings up Emma's dad and tells him about Emma's plans and he shows up at Grange Hill. Tanya and Emma share a tearful farewell when it seems like nothing can stop Emma's mum going to Indonesia.

Initially down, Tanya is lonely without Emma, but starts to get on well with Jeremy Bishop. Tanya is delighted when Mr Fox reintroduces Emma to the class. 

In the cafe, Mrs Bassinger announced that the girls were in favour of changing the school PE kit and Tanya is delighted. Jeremy also asks Tanya out and she agrees. Tanya and Jeremy arrange to meet at lunch, but Tanya tells Emma she doesn't fancy Jeremy and she doesn't show up, which upsets Jeremy.

Series 30 (2007)Edit

Tanya is trying to locate Emma and spends all morning trying to find her. Tanya spots Emma and she chases after her, but Emma locks herself in the cubicle. Emma then reveals the black eye she has, which was caused in an argument between Emma and her mum.

During a phone call, Tanya says she is 16 and Emma wonders why Tanya said she was 16. Tanya asks Emma to cover for her. On the way out of school, Eleanor Smith reads out a love message on the radio with a request for a slushy song for Tanya, which is supposedly is from Togger but Jeremy Bishop wrote it. Tanya puts it down to a wind up. Togger seems wound up when Emma tells Karen that Tanya has gone to phone Luke. When Tanya returns to school, she goes to the canteen to meet Togger, but it ends up in disaster.

When Tanya discovers that Kyle Brown, a new kid in their class, doesn't have to wear school uniform, Tanya thinks it is unfair that he gets his own way. Tanya and Emma decide to help her sister's dance class get more members by showing people the difference between them and younger kids.

Tanya bunks off school, so Emma decides to tell Karen that Tanya is meeting the guy she met on holiday, but Tanya never met anyone on holiday.

After Baz's death, Togger doesn't come into school so Tanya goes to Togger's and they go for a walk. Tanya tries to make Togger see that Baz's death was an accident, but it's hard. Tanya buys Togger some lunch and whilst eating, Tanya tells Togger about her real dad, who left when Tanya was young. Togger thanks Tanya for being a good friend.

Emma tells Tanya that she spoke to Annie the previous night and that the football match contributed to Baz's death. Tanya goes to find Togger and see if he is alright. Tanya later finds Togger in school and she wonders why he came back to school so soon. At break, Tanya tells Togger what Emma told her. Later, Tanya is bunking off again and Emma tells Karen.

Karen follows Tanya and this strange man into a hair salon, but Karen thinks the man is her boyfriend and states he is older than their dad. Tanya says that Karen has a mental illness and she is Karen's carer. On the way back to school, Tanya explains to Karen that he is named Luke and he is her employer. Karen says she will tell their mum, but Tanya persuades her not to and she will just do the legal hours. Tanya gets a phone call from Annie and Tanya tells Karen the coroner's report is out.

Tanya attends Baz's funeral, but Tanya felt she couldn't show any emotion as he was her ex-boyfriend. Tanya asks Togger why he didn't attend Baz's funeral and that he should have gone to show people he wasn't responsible for Baz's death. During PE, Togger overhears Tanya on the phone to Luke saying she is committed to him, but he doesn't know that Luke is her employer and Togger thinks she is just messing with his head.

Whilst Tanya is working at the salon, she gets a shock when her deputy head, Miss Gayle, walks in. Tanya feels awkward as she washes Miss Gayle's hair and as Tanya takes a breather, Miss Gayle realises who it is. When Tanya returns, Miss Gayle acts normal and discusses with Tanya that she hopes to be appointed as the new Grange Hill head so she can clamp down on pupils working illegally and Tanya realises she has been sussed out.

Tanya tells Emma about Miss Gayle and the hair salon and Emma accuses Tanya of keeping everything bottled up. Later, Togger asks Tanya to come to the football match for support. Togger then starts to go on about Luke, but Tanya clears the situation up and tells Togger that Luke is her boss. Tanya sees Emma and is about to tell her about her and Togger when Emma tells Tanya she is pregnant.

Tanya asks Karen to cover for her and Emma. Miss Gayle talks to Tanya about doing work experience, but Tanya's mind is on Emma. At the park, Tanya questions Emma and then tells Emma that they are going to the caravan site to talk to Kyle. When they reach the caravan site, all the trailers have gone.

On the school roof, Tanya tells Emma that she has to decide what to do about her baby. Tanya talks to her about abortion and that she could go to a private clinic, but it would be expensive. Tanya later warns Emma of the things she could loose if she had the baby, such as no job or not being able to go to college. Tanya says whatever Emma decides, she will support her.

Emma is staying with Tanya and her family. When Karen comes over, Emma rushes off and Karen quizzes Tanya about what's going on. Tanya lies to Karen, saying that Emma and her mum have major fights. Emma thinks Tanya told Karen about her being pregnant when Karen gives Emma her sympathy, but Tanya says she didn't and wouldn't and then gives Emma an envelope of cash, which she saved from hair dressing, for an abortion.

Tanya is struggling with feeling so responsible for Emma, so Tanya confides in Togger and explains that's the reason for her being so distant lately. To take Tanya's mind off things, Togger asks Tanya out for their first date.

As a cover up story and a reason for Emma throwing up, Tanya buys a bag of sweets and chocolate to make out that Emma is bullimic. At school, Tanya shows Karen the bag and says Karen was right when she said Emma was bullimic. However, 6th former Martin Miller says that Tanya could have used the sweets as a cover up story and Emma could be pregnant and it soon spreads. Tanya, knowing that Emma is delaying in making a decision, phones Emma's mum to tell her to collect Emma. When Emma sees her mum, Emma slaps Tanya across the face. Tanya blames Togger for spreading Emma's pregnancy and she calls off their date.

Tanya and Emma both apologise to each other. Emma wants Kyle to be with her, but Tanya tells Emma that she has to get the notion out of her head about Kyle. The next day, Tanya tries to get Emma to give her mum another chance as it's not her family's job to look after her, even though they like her. Emma tells Tanya that she took her advice and is going to give her mum a chance.

Tanya is preparing for her 16th birthday. She asks Togger to be her special date, but he rejects as he is fed up of the way Tanya accuses then apologises and expect things to go back to normal. Tanya then tells Emma that it wasn't her fault that people knew about her pregnancy, but she and Emma have a row and Tanya questions why she let Emma stay and she should get rid of her baby. Tanya gives out tickets to her birthday. Emma and Togger are making it difficult for Tanya. At the party, Tanya is disappointed as she hoped Togger and Emma would come. Tanya gets through to Emma and Emma reveals she had been to the abortion clinic. Unknown to Tanya, who is outside comforting Emma, Togger turns up but he leaves when he overhears Karen telling Kathy that Tanya's gone.

Tanya tells Jenny that she has to come to the dance competition to support Karen. During a conversation, Abel tells Tanya that Togger is moving to Germany to work with his uncle, Tucker Jenkins. Togger leaves Tanya a birthday present and Tanya thanks him for it outside. Togger tells her that he is still intending to go to Germany and when Tanya jumps down his throat, asking why he bothered coming and Togger unexpectedly kisses Tanya, but Tanya slaps him and tells him there is no point starting a relationship.

At the prom, Emma tells Tanya that her mum is moving to Indonesia and that her mum is dumping her on her father, her step mum, step siblings and her baby half brother on the way. Emma then tells Tanya that there will be her baby, but Tanya says she had an abortion but Emma reveals that she couldn't go through with it and Tanya comforts Emma.

Series 31 (2008)Edit

Jenny cringes at the sight of Tanya kissing Togger. Mrs Rawlinson isn't pleased with Tanya's clothing choice, consisting of a short skirt, so Tanya is sent home to change.

After Tanya and Togger break up a fight between their younger sisters, the pair of them are forced to work together as campaign managers for Tanya and Togger for the upcoming head boy and girl elections.

When Lucy tampers with Togger's picture on the poster, Jenny gets the blame and Tanya praises Lucy for trying, not knowing she was behind the posters. Tanya and Togger are later interviewed by Tigger Johnson and Ed Booth on the radio. Tanya accuses Jenny for being behind the questions asked on the radio that made Togger look irresponsible and says she will tell their mum. Tanya is elected as head girl whilst Togger is headboy.

The CLC is to be officially opened by footballer turned chef, Dwayne Miller and Tanya and Togger are given the privelage of welcoming him to the school. Chloe Moore publically embarrases Tanya by asking if she could have worn a shorter skirt. Later, Tanya tells Togger he forgot the food and she instructs Jenny, Lucy Johnson, Jake Briggs and Rachel towers go be in the canteen at 5pm as Dwayne is cooking a meal from his book. Tanya and Togger are mortified when they see their sisters and friends demonstrating to not allow Dwayne into the school as they aren't keen on Dwayne. Dwayne poses with Tanya for the press, but Togger is uncomfortable with how close they are.

On the day of the trip to Liverpool, Lucy overhears Togger on the phone to their uncle Tucker about Tanya being ready. Lucy gets it into her head that Togger is going to propose to Tanya. Later that day, Lucy thinks she has to prepare for the worse as she sees Togger kneeling infront of Tanya, but it turns out it's a gift for Tanya-a football season ticket.

Tanya reminisces about her school days at Grange Hil with Abel and Togger. When Togger is on the verge of quitting school, Tanya calls in Togger's Uncle Tucker to try and get him to stay on at school.



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