Tanya Young and Jenny Young
Tanya Young and Jenny Young
Relationship Information
Characters Involved Tanya Young and Jenny Young
Relationship Status Half-Sisters
Played By Kirsten Cassidy and Naomi Ritchie

Tanya Young and Jenny Young is the sibling relationship that started before Series 30 between Tanya Young and Jenny Young.

Relationship HistoryEdit

Series 30 (2007)Edit

Episode 1Edit

Karen Young and Tanya bring their half-sister Jenny to school for her first day. Jenny tells Jake that people think Karen is clever and Tanya is glamorous and she doesn't know how she can compete.  After school, Jenny and Lucy Johnson start a fight, but Karen and Tanya, as well as Tigger and Tigger Johnson, break them up.

Episode 6Edit

Tanya bunks off to see Togger after he decides not to come to school. Tanya explains how her mum had an affair with Karen's dad and Jenny is her mum and stepdad's daughter.

Episode 12Edit

Emma thinks Tanya told Karen that she is pregnant when Karen talks to her and Jenny interrupts. Tanya joins them, defending Emma against Jenny.

Episode 19Edit

Tanya tells Jenny to be at Karen's dance competition.

Series 31 (2008)Edit

Episode 1Edit

Jenny cringes when she witnesses Tanya and Togger kiss. Miss Rawlinson instructs Tanya to go home and change. Tanya tells Jenny she knew someone someone would kick off and wanted to know who, so she had a change of clothes.

Episode 2Edit

Jenny and Lucy start a fight, but are broken up by Tanya and Togger. Tanya and Togger force Jenny and Lucy to work together as campaign managers for the head boy and head girl positions. Lucy decides to sabotage Togger's campaign so Jenny gets blamed. On the radio, Togger gets asked questions about his past actions, which Lucy told people to ask, but she frames Jenny and Jake and Miss McIlroy catches them. Tanya threatens to tell their mum. Jenny and Jake show Tanya and Togger the auto cue, but Togger messes up his speech when it's been meddled with. 

Episode 5Edit

The Year 8's protest about footballer-chef Dwayne Miller coming to Grange Hill and Tanya and Togger notice their sisters protesting. Tanya and Jenny are involved in a foodfight with other students and are forced to clean up by Mr McDonnell and Mrs Rawlinson.

Episode 13Edit

On their way to school, Tanya and Jenny argue about the noise Jenny is making by rehearsing and Tanya's revision. Tanya tells Jake she is fed up of her sisters thinking they can boss her about because she's the youngest.

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