Yeah, but what about me? Say I don't wanna go. I have got my own life. I've got friends and that.
—Tegs to his parents when his stepdad gets a job in Germany
Tegs Ratcliffe
Tegs Ratcliffe (Series 14)
Character Information
Nicknames Tegs
School Grange Hill
Year Group First Year (1988)
Second Year (1989)
Third Year (1990)
Fourth Year (1991)
Occupation Student
Age 11-12 (Series 11)
12-13 (Series 12)
13-14 (Series 13)
14-15 (Series 14)
Gender Male
Parents Mr Ratcliffe (Father)
Rita Glanville (Mother)
Frank Glanville (Step-Father)
Mrs Kiendl (Foster Mother)
Siblings Mark Ratcliffe (Brother)
Paul Glanville (Half-Brother)
Paul Kiendl (Foster Brother)
Friends Justine Dean
Matthew Pearson
Chrissy Mainwaring
Clarke Trent
Susi Young
Natalie Stevens
Fran Williams
Production Information
First Episode Series 11 (Episode 1)
Last Episode Series 14 (Episode 4)
Series Series 11 (1988)
Series 12 (1989)
Series 13 (1990)
Series 14 (1991)
Number of Episodes 45
Played By Sean Maguire

Terence David "Tegs" Ratcliffe was a student at Grange Hill from 1988 to 1991, played by Sean Maguire. He made his first appearance in episode 1 of series 11 and made his final appearance in episode 4 of series 14.

Tegs is the son of Mr Ratcliffe and Rita Glanville, the step-son of Frank Glanville, the younger brother of Mark Ratcliffe and the older half-broher of Paul Glanville. Tegs' best friends are Justine Dean and Matthew Pearson and his friends are Chrissy Mainwaring, Clarke Trent, Susi Young, Natalie Stevens, Richard and Fran Williams.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 11 (1988)Edit

Series 12 (1989)Edit

Series 13 (1990)Edit

Series 14 (1991)Edit

Tegs Ratcliffe only appeared in the first four episodes of this series before he moved to Germany. It was a big decision between staying or leaving with his mum and her family. His last scene was him telling Justine Dean that he was going to Germany. They both discussed their tricky friendship and mildly discussed about their hidden relationship. In the end Tegs leaned in for a kiss but stopped when he realized that they were unfortunately nothing more than friends.



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