Zammo McGuire's Heroin Addiction
Zammo McGuire's Heroin Addiction
Storyline Information
Storyline Started Series 9 (Episode 1)
Storyline Ended Series 10 (Episode 10)
Characters Involved Zammo McGuire
Jackie Wright
Roland Browning
Banksy Banks
Mrs McGuire
Miss Booth
Mrs McClusky
Mr Kennedy

Zammo McGuire's Heroin Addiction was a storyline that started in Series 9 and ended in Series 10. The storyline focused on Zammo McGuire's addiction with heroin and how it affected his relationship with his friends and family. It is seen as one of Grange Hill's most popular and controversial storylines.

Storyline HistoryEdit

Series 9 (1986)Edit

Zammo, now in his 5th year, arrives at Grange Hill on his motorbike, which he has bought. Zammo explains that he went over to the Upper School, unaware they were having assembly at the Lower School. Fay Lucas and Julie Marchant explain to Zammo that everything needs to be at the Lower School for the first morning and that there will be 2 separate assemblies for the Upper and Lower years, plus they all received letters telling them about the arrangments. Zammo and Jackie Wright have an argument, leaving Julie, Fay and Kevin Baylon wondering what is going on.

Banksy Banks has started to grow a moustache and Mr Kennedy and Mr Baxter advises him to shave it off. When Banksy has still failed to shave it off, Mr Kennedy devises moustache weighing competition where each student pays 25p for a guess on how much Mr Kennedy's moustache weighs and the winner gets the total which is £6. Zammo isn't initially interested, however when he is told to put Mr Kennedy's moustache clippings, he uses the situation to his advantage and weighs it, however he is spotted by Banksy. When everyone is ready, Mr Kennedy asks Zammo where the scales are and that he was suppose to bring them in here. Banksy goes to fetch the scales and clippings and blows on the moustache which changes the weight. Zammo is distraught at loosing, which Mr Kennedy notices and wonders why Zammo needs the money.

In the canteen, Jackie asks Zammo if he's going to the disco as she wants to go, but Zammo isn't so keen. Jackie points out that she'll be unable to dance with him without him being there and Zammo says she can dance with someone else, which makes Jackie feel unwanted as they are going out together. Zammo says they don't have to live in each other's pocket, but Jackie points out to him she has hardly seen him out of class or during the holidays. Jackie then gives Zammo the gift she bought him, which he sold to Julie as he didn't use it. Jackie tells him that he shouldn't sell things, not if they mean anything and that she would've given him money.

Kevin arrives at the school on Zammo's motorbike and Jackie asks what Kevin is doing with it and she's surprised to learn Kevin is buying it. Jackie wonders why Zammo is selling it when he has just bought it. Jackie confronts Zammo and says he said that the bike saved him money on bus fares, but Zammo says if he wants to sell it and Kevin wants to buy it, he doesn't understand what Jackie has to do with it. Jackie offers to give Zammo £25 from her post office account, which Zammo says will be enough to stop him selling the bike and Zammo asks if he can go with her to the post office. Jackie later gives Zammo the cash and he thanks her for it.

When Jackie is waiting it the queue for a sandwich from Luke "Gonch" Gardener and Paul "Hollo" Holloway, Kevin informs Jackie that he is buying Zammo's motorbike. Later, Jackie tells Zammo if he has sold he bike, she wants it back and Zammo says he will repay her when Kevin has paid for it as he hasn't paid it all off. Zammo says he needs to pay his mum back and intends to save up for another bike, but Jackie says she doesn't believe anything he says anymore.

After school, Jackie catches up with Zammo and he asks her what it is as he is in a hurry. Jackie tells Zammo he always appears to be in a rush and Zammo says he is meeting a mate. Jackie tells Zammo if he's meeting another girl, then he should have the decency to tell her as girls can be mates as well. Jackie follows Zammo up the street, where she sees him meeting a man, who is called Doug. At home, Doug is looking at things and he isn't pleased at the lack of valuables Zammo's mum has and Zammo says there is a decanter, posher and smooth, which his mum goes on about. Zammo shows Doug the decanter and he says it's not bad and as well as the decantar, Doug tells Zammo to put some glasses in the bag, which Zammo is apprehensive about. Doug tells Zammo he has to toughen up as his need is greater than his mum and Zammo tells him he has all he needs. Zammo pleads with Doug for them to go and when Doug flicks through some records, Zammo says his mum sill notice straight away if they've disappeared. When Doug suggests they look through other rooms, Zammo says his mum will be home soon as she finishes work early sometimes.

To come up with a cover up for Zammo's mum's decanter, Zammo sneaks into the science lab and takes a chemical flask. At home, Zammo smashes the flask in a bag against the wall before emptying the broken glass in the bin and his mum walks in just after. Mrs McGuire asks Zammo what he is doing at home and Zammo says things at school are more messed up than usual at school. Mrs Maguire asks Zammo if he's seen her bike and if he went to school, but Zammo says he wouldn't be seen dead on it and then he confesses that he broke the decanter. Mrs McGuire is upset as it was a wedding present when she left work and valuable as well. Mrs McGuire asks Zammo how it could've happened as it's always kept in the box in the cupboard and Zammo claims that he dropped it when showing Jackie. When Mrs McGuire looks through the bin, she asks about the stopper which went in the top of the decanter and Zammo says he went to a second hand shop to see if they had a decanter and was offered a couple quid for it.

Roland Browning is working in the arcade, which is what he does on weekends. Zammo bumps into Roland and asks if he knows someone called Doug and Tamsin as he is suppose to be meeting them. In the booth, Zammo notices Doug on the machine and runs after him. Later on, Zammo returns to the arcade with Doug, Tamsin and Howard and Zammo asks Roland if there is a room as Tamsin has offered to cut Zammo's hair. Roland says there is a wash room in the back for staff and he takes them too it. They later come out of the room and Roland says to Zammo his hair doesn't look much different.

Another day, Zammo enters the arcade and asks Roland if he has any money. Roland says he has a couple quid, but Zammo says he needs £50 for a motorbike deal. Roland says it's no use asking him for £50 and Zammo says he could take it from the arcade, but Roland says he can't. Zammo tries to persuade Roland by offering him £15 for himself, but Roland says he can't get hold of £50 as his boss takes the notes on a night and there won't be £50 in the machines early in the day. Roland suggests Zammo to come back at lunchtime when the punters have been in. Zammo comes back to the arcade and Roland tells Zammo if he gives him the money, he has to be back by 7pm and he instructs Zammo to wait in the back so people don't get suspicious. At work, Roland is sat in the booth and a fellow employee, Des, works out that Roland is owed money and Roland admits he took £50 from the float. Zammo arrives late back and he asks Roland if be can go to the back as he dropped a piece of paper with the number for the bike. Roland only has £43 and Howard gives him an extra £5 whilst Zammo promises to pay the rest later. At the end of the day, Des asks Roland if his mates are still in the back and Roland thought they had left, but Des says he only saw one leave. Roland opens the door to one of the rooms and finds Zammo slumped by the wall, his eyes glazed and clutching foil with heroin and Roland is shocked.

Tamsin gives Zammo a dodgy pension to cash it and says if Zammo wants anymore stuff, she needs the cash from the pension. Banksy enters the post office and he jokingly asks Zammo if he's bunking off school full time. When Zammo goes to the counter, Banksy says he never realised Zammo was old enough to get a pension ans Zammo claims it is for his grandmother. Zammo quickly dashes out and he tells Tamsin that he saw someone he knew, but they still cashed him. Tamsin shows him a bag of heroin and Zammo asks why she made him do it if she had heroin all along. Tamsin explains Zammo probably wouldn't have done it and she needs the cash for some more heroin. Later, Zammo is waiting in a cold tunnel for Tamsin to arrive with more heroin.

At school in the playground, Zammo approaches Roland and makes conversation with him. When Zammo says he hasn't seen Roland at the arcade recently, Roland says he has packed the job in because of exams and he hopes to go to France to live by writing an essay on why he wants to go and needs a French O-Level. Roland then ask if Zammo was alright when Des had to bring Zammo home in Des' van. Roland warns Zammo that he shouldn't use heroin and that he had foil, which heroin addicts use. Zammo claims that he only tried it that once and hasn't touched any since.

Zammo visits Roland's flat late at night, where Roland iscrevising. Zammo apologises for the motorbike deal, where Roland was made skint. Zammo asks Roland if he can give Zammo £10 as he has seen the bloke down the arcade, who only has a £20 note. Zammo says if Roland gives him the money, he will return the £12 back to him. Roland says he hasn't got that, but as Roland's dad has gone away, Zammo says he must have money for food and Roland wonders what he'll use to eat if her gives him the money. Roland isn't sure, but Zammo says when he comes back, he'll help Roland revise for his French oral examination. Whilst Roland is out of the room, Zammo takes Roland's alarm clock.

In Zammo's French exam, he introduces himself and when the examiner asks the questions, Zammo just sits there and doesn't respond to any of the questions. The examiner later asks Zammo to leave. Zammo enters the classroom, where the 5th years are doing last minute revision and Kevin asks if he got stuck on any questions and Zammo says he didn't give any, meaning he blew it on purpose. Kevin reckons Zammo is mad, but Zammo says it's them who are mad taking it all seriously. The school's video recorder has gone missing and Mr Baxter phones the police.

After class, Roland asks Kevin for a bite of his chocolate bar and Banksy and Kevin talk about Zammo. Banksy then notices how much of Kevin's chocolate Roland has eaten. Roland apologises because he hadn't eaten since the previous evening and he asks Banksy and Kevin if Zammo asked about him as he promised to give something back, which happens to be money. Banksy and Kevin give Roland 50p each so he can get a pie and chips.

The police arrive at the school with the school video recorder and they stop Kevin and Roland leaving. They ask if a teacher is about and Roland tells them where Mr Kennedy is. In the classroom, they return the video recorder, which was from a second hand goods shop. The police say the shop owner asked the boy his name and the boy said Kevin Baylon. They then say they were interested in speaking with Kevin, who they mistake as Roland and Kevin then says he is in fact Kevin. The police say the description doesn't match Roland and definitely not Kevin as the boy was caucasian. Roland tells Kevin that it was someone who knew them and Mr Kennedy persuades Roland to say who it is.

At home, Mrs McGuire is telling Jackie how strained her relationship with Zammo has become as arguments result in shouting and door slamming. Mrs McGuire expected Zammo to go through a difficult phase, but Zammo was more like a stranger. Zammo arrives home and he is less than receptive of Jackie's presence as he never asked her to come round and Mrs McGuire says she is suprised that Jackie even bothers. Zammo tells his mum to keep her nose out if his business and Jackie tells Zammo not to speak to his mum like that and as Mrs McGuire goes to answer the door, Zammo blames Jackie for the argument. When the police come in, Mrs McGuire suggests that Jackie goes home. The police explain the reason for their visit is that Zammo has been keeping the second had shops busy with videos, decanter and other things, but Zammo denies this. They also tell Zammo they spoke to Roland, who he had borrowed £10, but Zammo sats borrowing isn't stealing and the police say it is if he never intended to pay the money back. They then bring up Roland's quartz alarm clock which was part of a deal with a video recorder, which Zammo got £55 for. Mrs McGuire asks Zammo why he is thieving as she has never kept him short of money and the police officer calculates £65 which Zammo acquired and asks how many bags he can get. Mrs McGuire asks what they mean and they explain that Zammo is stealing because he is using heroin and Mrs McGuire asks Zammo to tell her it isn't true.

Mrs McClusky visits Mrs McGuire and says she has popped round to see how things were. Mrs McGuire says she thought there would be more trouble, but Mrs McGuire says she shouldn't think that after all she's done and not pressing charges against Zammo. Mrs McGuire says it's like having a baby in the house as she doesn't get a moment to herself. Mrs McClusky notices how worn out Mrs McGuire is and she says because Zammo doesn't sleep, she doesn't either. Zammo enters the lounge and his mum tells Zammo to go back to bed whilst she reheats his bottle. Zammo asks if there is any more orange juice and Mrs McGuire says she will fetch some when Miss Booth arrives. Mrs McClusky tells Zammo they are all thinking about him and Mrs McGuire then worries about everyone knowing, but Mrs McClusky says it was a figure of speech, but with something like heroin, it would've surfaced round the playground soomer or later. Mrs McClusky offers to see to the hot water bottle whilst Mrs McGuire goes down the shops for the orange juice.

Zammo's drug problem has started spreading at Grange Hill, with graffiti on Danny Kendall's speaking wall, reading "Zammo chased the dragon and got a smack on the nose". Danny, Gonch, Hollo, Trevor Cleaver and Vince Savage are hauled up infront of Mrs McClusky, but Miss Booth says it couldn't have been any of them as they knew nothing about Zammo. Mrs McClusky asks who was responsible and Hollo says it wasn't them, despite being the last ones seen decorating the wall and Miss Booth says she believes them. Mrs McClusky thinks the whole school will have seen it, but Gonch wonders if they might have as it was only on the wall since the previous night and he suggests they could paint over it, but Mrs McClusky says she has instructed Mr Griffiths to white wash the wall. Danny isn't pleased when he learns that includes the mural and Miss Booth persuades Mrs McClusky to let them keep it.

Zammo returns to school to sit his English exam and Banksy asks him how he is and Zammo claims he is fine and kicked his heroin addiction, but you wouldn't think with him being followed about and if anyone needs a chaperone, it should be Fay. Before the exam, Fay takes a turn for the worse and whilst everyone is distracted, Zammo walks out of the hall and he tells Jackie he's gone to the loo. Jackie alerts Miss Booth, who tells Mr Kennedy to get Zammo whilst she sorts Fay. In the toilets, Zammo wraps some heroin in cling film before hiding it in one of the toilets before going into another cubicle. When Mr Kennedy enters, he tells Zammo to come out and Mr Kennedy searches the cubical, but Zammo says he just got caught short and he's clean. Mr Kennedy reminds Zammo not to take off without notifying him or Miss Booth

In the exam, Zammo is not writing and he raises his hand to get Mr Kennedy's attention. Zammo says he needs the toilet and cannot wait for Miss Booth's return as it's urgent. Zammo then says Mr Kennedy can search him if he isn't trusted. In the toilets, Zammo's heroin has been ruined and he throws it on the floor, which is picked up by Gonch. Mr Kennedy is stood outside a cubicle, thinking Zammo is in there, but Gonch tells him Hollo is in there. Mr Kennedy asks Gonch if he has seen Zammo and Gonch says he left as they came in before giving Mr Kennedy the ruined heroin. In the hall, Mr Kennedy tells Miss Booth he fled the school and he did want to go to the toilet, but reckons Zammo was disappointed when he found the ruined heroin, which Mr Kennedy shows Miss Booth.

At home, Zammo and Jackie are playing checkers, but Zammo says he can think of better thing to do with an O-Level History exam coming up. Zammo says even though he doesn't want to revise, he is sure Jackie wants to, but Jackie says she can't as her books are at home and Zammo said she could go home and get them and if she's frightened of what he'll get up to, there is no need. In the kitchen, Zammo shows Jackie some heroin, which he kept for a test of willpower and that the tiny pack in her hand means everything to an addict. Zammo explains the reason he smoked it is because he got involved with a certain crowd, who all smoked it and kept on at him until he relented into smoking heroin too. Zammo washes the heroin down the sink and he was determined to give it up for all those who helped him. Jackie cries because she is happy and Zammo hugs her.

Jackie returns to Zammo's flat after going home to revise and she is greeted by an anxious Mrs McGuire, who asks her wher Zammo is. Jackie says left him whilst she went to revise and she tells Mrs McGuire that Zammo has definitely kicked the addiction as he showed her a bag of heroin, which he threw down the sink. Mrs McGuire asks Jackie if she was positive about it being heroin he threw away as she went through the house to see what was missing and that her cash card had gone, despite her hiding it in a place she thought no one could find it. Meanwhile, Zammo is around at Howard's, where he encounters someone called Shane. Shane tells Zammo that Howard will be out of business, but he can sort them out if they have the cash. Zammo shows Shane his mum's cash card and they go to a cash point.

On her way back to her office, Mrs McClusky and Mr Baxter see Mrs McGuire sat in the office. Inside their classroom, Banksy informs Jackie, Kevin and Julie that he saw Zammo at a cash point during lunch and when Mr Kennedy arrives, Jackie and Kevin make the excuse that they need the toilet. Back in Mrs McClusky's office, Mrs McGuire tells Mrs McClusky she is certain that Zammo will have heroin on him when he returns to school. Mrs McClusky asks Mrs McGuire if she is sure about her phoning the police and Mrs McGuire says it's not what she wants, but she'll do anything to stop Zammo.

In the cloakroom, Jackie asks Kevin what he knows about heroin and Kevin says he only knows from what he has seen on TV and that drug dealers mix other things in to give them a bigger profit, like flour and detergent. Zammo emerges and asks Jackie and Kevin if they are OK. Back in Mr Kennedy's class, Mrs McClusky has come to get Zammo and she thinks Zammo has taken the afternoon off, but Mr Kennedy says Kevin and Jackie haven't returned. Mr Kennedy goes with Mrs McClusky, the police and Mrs Maguire and instructs the class on what to do if he doesn't return within 10 minutes.

Later in the cloakroom, Kevin says there are 2 police officers in Mrs McClusky's office and when Zammo asks what the police are doing at the school, Jackie says his mum called them due to her cash card going missing. Zammo denies having the cash card, but Kevin says he was seen using it. Zammo says anyone could've seen him with a cash card and presume he's buying drugs, so Zammo empties the content of his bag and Jackie picks up his calculator and Zammo sags it's broken. Jackie finds heroin in the calculator and a fight breaks out between Kevin and Zammo. Zammo physically pushes Jackie and demands his heroin back, but Jackie opens the pack and tips it on the floor. Zammo pushes Jackie to one side whilst he tries to retrieve his heroin, but the police rush in with Mr Kennedy and Mrs McClusky. Mrs McClusky reassures Jackie, who is distraught.

Rumours spread about what happened in the cloakroom and Vince says that he heard that Mr Baxter and Mr Kennedy tried to wrestle Zammo to the ground whilst Jackie was screaming her head off. However, Trevor says that it's untrue what Vince has been told and Jackie's brother, Robbie Wright said that his sister said that Zammo calmed down when the police stepped in. Vince reckons Zammo is in prison, but Trevor says that Zammo is in hospital, receiving help for his problem.

In Art, Miss Booth tells Jackie that she plans to visit Zammo later that day and she offers to take Jackie. Jackie doesn't want to go if Zammo is still the same and that he can't have changed already. Miss Booth tells Jackie that Zammo is in the right place to get better,  but Jackie rejects the offer, saying she has had enough of him. In the cloakroom, Jackie is crying and Kevin checks to see if she's alright. Kevin and Jackie arrange to see Zammo together on Sunday. At the hospital, Miss Booth says everyone is anxious to know whether Zammo is off the drugs. The nurse explains Zammo is off heroin, but staying off is a different matter and using cups to imagine they represent diffetent parts of Zammo's life, his life has become heroin. The nurse says that Zammo needs to find something as effective as heroin to fill those places. Zammo says he likes where he is, especially the gardening. Miss Booth says Jackie sends her love and Zammo breaks down into tears.

Series 10 (1987)Edit

Zammo returns to Grange Hill. Zammo isn't taking his A-Level's until he has completed his O-Levels along with Fay. Banksy thinks Zammo and Fay are laughing at him and Julie for doing CPVE and he thinks Zammo has been taking drugs through the summer. Zammo informs Banksy that he's actually been spending ths summer at Narcotics Anonymous. Jackie asks Zammo if he's clean now and Zammo tells her he is. Fay isn't pleased about lessons with the 5th years, but Zammo knew and is glad to be back.

Howard and Doug ask Zammo for money at lunchtime. Zammo tells them they are doing themselves no favours and despite being grateful before, drugs weren't helping and didn't know what he was getting into. Jackie witnesses Zammo giving them money and when Zammp sees Jackie, he tries to convince her he wasn't buying drugs and wants another chance. Jackie rejects him as it's not fair on Banksy and he has to manage on his own.

Zammo has heroin in the common room, but puts it away when Jackie arrives. Jackie gets Zammo to do his work and Banksy tells Jackie and Zammo that he saw Zammo hanging around with Doug earlier in the day. Zammo tells Jackie they are just friends. On their own, Jackie tells Zammo not again and Zammo says he is trying. In the toilets, Zammo stares at the heroin. He returns the common room and Jackie is concerned with where has been, how he looks and what he has been up to, but Zammo insists nothing is wrong. Jackie admits she worries about him and never wanted to split up. Banksy witnesses Jackie leaving school with Zammo.

Zammo is worried about the canal trip Jackie is going on along with Banksy. Jackie tries to get him to realise it's over between her and Banksy. He asks her to come to the N.A. meetings as he can talk to people there in a different way to Jackie when he needs a fix. He also tells her he needs the meetings as it makes him realise it's possible to stop using heroin and it's difficult without her. After Zammo's exam, he tells Jackie he might have passed and Jackie says she cancelled the boat trip to go with him.


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